With so many search options available to help you find your property, or track market activity, what on Earth are you supposed to do!? I’ll tell you…

Property Search


Want Mobile? No problem:
The most powerful, up to date mobile MLS search tool in the palm of your hand.

Want Comps? No problem:
I give my clients The Goods, because that’s what they deserve. A quick and easy way to search New Listings, Recent Sales, Overbids, and Underbids for the past 14 days, as well as the 30+ Club…properties on MLS 30 Days or more. This is the really hot stuff mixed with the really cold. Like sugar and spice, or sweet and sour.

Want Off Market? No problem:
A treasure trove of off-market opportunities only available to the top 10% of San Francisco real estate agents. Your access is through me by getting on my radar.

Clean Offer:
Complete Access to MLS via a product called Clean Offer. Also, only available through a licensed professional like me. It’s good, but not great on mobile.

But really, you should contact me and we’ll set you straight in your search.