Comment Du Jour: Sub $650,000 Market Is Smokin’ Hot

Every so often we get comments that make us laugh, or just need to be noticed as a Comment Du Jour on our front page. As always, we encourage you to take part in the comments as there is a lot of fun stuff going on in there.

From “Hangemhi” on “How’s the Market…”:

i didn’t know they allowed you to curse on the internet. holy shit

anyone notice the $650k and under market is smoking hot… i have a buyer who is afraid prices are going to go up. i guess she doesn’t read socketsite.

Anyone else care to comment on the sub $650k market?

Yes, we did say we’d see you on Monday, but sometimes we just can’t resist a good post (or poke).

5 thoughts on “Comment Du Jour: Sub $650,000 Market Is Smokin’ Hot

  1. of course its on fire.
    it covers everything now that used to be priced at like 800k or so.
    it follows there will be alot more activity at sub-650 now…

  2. “covers everything that cost 800”

    Yeah. Not really. I wish that were true. It’s what people who are not actively in the market think. It’s conventional wisdom. But it isn’t true.

  3. 214 Dorland asking $629k is more along the lines of the places I was refering to. They’ve had so much interest that they’ve set an offer deadline. That’s deserving of another “holy shit”.

  4. Hee hee. Delphi, that’s pretty funny. During the bubble, the party line was “it only goes up forever.” And now during the epic crash that proves the utter lack of credibility in the local real estate industry you’re going to be hearing the party lines “we’re at the bottom,” and “it’s a great time to buy.”

    1. Delphi,

      Feel free to repost your comments to test our new spam filter. Yours were deleted. I’ll just respond here. Wasting my time adding you to our black ball list has caused me to miss precious moments this a.m. with my children. Your comments are tiring, and big f*ing deal if our predictions were wrong, and our site gets plenty of traffic. It keeps you coming back doesn’t it? And I’d even bet you told a few friends, so thanks for spreading the word. See you again real soon, I’m sure.

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