Straight Confusion: NOPA Where the F*ck are You!?

Who’s got the answer? We want to hear it. NOPA…boundaries…exactly.

Park North it is not. North Panhandle it is not. You’re back yard it might be…let us know. North, South, East, West street borders. If it kinks, we want to know that too. If it stinks, save it. Fav hang out. You might as well dish it.


The most detailed districts map you’ll find to help you nail down those streets.

16 thoughts on “Straight Confusion: NOPA Where the F*ck are You!?

  1. Who the fuck is nopna to decide. I live just west of masonic, basically at ashbury, and it’s nopa if you ask me.

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  2. Nopa definitely is cool. It’s got the blue collar vibe but also the hip factor. BlueJay is a welcome addition to the SF food scene where it’s in a soul-less ‘fusion cuisine’ bubble. The new middle eastern restaurant that gentrified the hubcap place with hookas on divis has the best lamb wrap I have tried in a while. Cafe Abir is great for people watching and finding magazines you won’t find anywhere else, although the remodel has taken some of that grungy feel out of it but still worth a lingering. Joe Bob Anon8mizer says check it out… Let’s see a Tour de NoPa :)

  3. i’m confused—6f is north panhandle right? why do i not understand this post? Boarders: Fell to the South, Turk to the North, Divis to the east, Stanyan to the left. what am i missing?

  4. Garrett, you aren’t missing anything. You might be right. To me that area has its own sort of feel. I’m talking about between Masonic and Stanyan, Fell and Turk. I lived on Lyon and Golden Gate for a couple years while dating a girl who lived on Hayes at Cole. While it’s an easy walk, it’s not really the same ‘hood. It takes on a different feel west of Masonic. Correct me if I’m wrong. Because it might be sort of oriented that way nowadays especially since Nopa has come on so strong. But there isn’t a real commerce corridor anywhere particularly close, is there? That neighborhood is more about the Haight than Divisadero corridor, I always felt.

  5. Sorry if this is slightly off topic but…

    Someone explain this:

    Guerrero and Alvarado is Noe Valley?

    but Noe and Laidley is Glen Park?

  6. The commerce corridor of NOPA would primarily be Divis corridor and possibly the Fulton and Masonic intersection area. Certainly nothing compared to other commerce corridors (Chestnut, Union, Haight, etc.), but not too bad none the less.

  7. Of course. Fulton and Masonic is definitely something that those two grids share. OK, maybe I stand corrected on that point. It still feels a little different west of Masonic tho, doesn’t it? Maybe just a bit sleepier?

    And Dave, the Noe Valley map is simply waaaaaaaaay too big. Guerrero and Alvarado is Noe Valley like Diamond Heights Shopping Center is Noe Valley. (Remember the woman who got so pissed off at me because I said Diamond Heights Blvd is not located within Noe Valley? anyway … )Fairmount Heights definitely has more in common with the Church and 30th part of Noe Valley than it does with Diamond and Chenery.

    Here’s for a new real estate map! Why not? Valencia Corridor is here. There’s no reason to fake it as Noe anymore. And how about from Duncan street or St. Paul Cathedral or something south to like Fairmount as its own thing too. ‘Cause, like, it is?

  8. so i’ve lived near hayes and clayton for over 4 years, and when we moved in our neighbors referred to the area as the panhandle or north of the panhandle… until a few years back when NOPA the restaurant parked itself on Divis and that whole area started calling themselves NOPA. low and behold, those west of Masonic lost the “North of Panhandle” moniker as it got confused with NOPA which means… duh. North of Panhandle. so now we semi-embrace the official map label of Park North, although not too happily. but Park North/North of Panhandle (not NOPA) is “sleepier” (i guess) than our NOPA neighbors; it’s quieter, people light their fireplaces and get to know their neighbors, we seem to have more homeowners (although i doubt this is a fact), and it’s also up the hills away from the nightlife.

  9. Kenny, I agree with your stance. Fairmount is small but deserving of it’s own thing, especially with all of its commerce on Church (that’s very disconnected from the commerce on 24th and the commerce in the GP Village…) I also like the idea of a “Valencia Corridor” given all the great dining options in that area. Maybe the SF “Gourmet Ghetto”?

    Who do we call to make this happen? :)

  10. F*ckin Noe people. Get your own thread… No offense, but I feel like I am entering sluburbia when I crest the hill coming into Noe from Castro. No desire to live that far from SF…

  11. @Craig: That’s because Noe is (part of) the interior suburbs of SF.

    I’m just surprised to see that “Outer Mission” refers not to the 30th/Mission area, but to the zone south of Geneva.

  12. And NOPA/Park North starts out 2008 quickly. Looks like 2184 Fell St is already in contract before the open houses are even complete. Asking price looks to be $1,175,000. Quite high for the area comps from last year, perhaps I am missing something?

  13. I believe the boundaries of NOPA are Divisadero, Turk , Baker and Fell sts. Hope this helps

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