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Welcome to the #1 online destination for all things San Francisco Real Estate! Whether you’ve come to learn about our market, need a real estate professional to help you craft a compelling (and winning) offer, are looking to relocate to this wonderful city, or you’re pondering selling your San Francisco property, you’ve come to the right place.

theFrontSteps is written primarily by me, Alexander Clark. I am an active, licensed real estate agent (license #01339386). I get over 400,000 readers to my site every year. This site has more relevant market data, features more real estate porn, and receives more web traffic than any other Realtor’s site in San Francisco. I’d even bet not one Realtor in the state of California can say that.

I consistently get my clients more than they imagined when selling their property, and consistently “win” competitive bidding situations for my buying clients. I am in the top 10% of real estate agents in San Francisco (and there are a lot of us.) In addition, I founded a website for off market real estate (the domain was acquired by Top Agent Network), a San Francisco real estate newsletter (sfnewsletter), and most recently a market data offering for my colleagues (The Goods). All of this means more connections, more information, more insight, and more experience to help you buy and sell some of the most fantastic property in the world.

When you work with me, you get everything every Realtor in San Francisco is promising, only more.

I encourage you to take a minute and see all this website has to offer, including:
-The most popular real estate “Blog” in San Francisco
-Some of my “Recent Transactions
-Awesome Client “Testimonials
-How I “Give Back” to various local and international organizations.

I am available to discuss your needs anytime. There is no pressure, no obligation, no sales pitch. Let’s meet for coffee or cocktails. I look forward to helping you on your quest to buy or sell some incredibly awesome San Francisco/Bay Area real estate!

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You can reach me at alexclark@gmail.com, or 415-254-5351. Text, phone call, email, whatever works best for you. I’ll even Tweet you, if you so desire, or use the form below.


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