Cinema 21 Gettin’ Closah! (Drive by ™)

Before: It’s been a while, and a long hard battle, but Cinema 21 is almost back to life.  What it looks like on the inside, we have no idea.  But from the outside, it’s gettin’ closah to completion.  What does this have to do with real estate?  Well, for one, it is a remodeled building.  For … Continue reading Cinema 21 Gettin’ Closah! (Drive by ™)

Ask an Expert (vacant view lot)

We are pleased to say that we have already received a question for our experts.  Thank you. “What would be an added value to a vacant view lot, in San Francisco w/o building a residence on it?”-dhze As answered by Eddie O’Sullivan of Hill & Co. Real Estate The best way to add value to … Continue reading Ask an Expert (vacant view lot)

Done Deal in Bernal

Well it took a bit, but it got there in the end.  138 Elsie (Brand new 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 2005 sqft. home in Bernal) started at $1,498,000 in October, went into contract one month later, fell out of contract, back on market at same price, nothing….Price reduced in January to $1,388,000, pending 10 days later, just … Continue reading Done Deal in Bernal

Getting back your investment on “non-bling system upgrades”

The following information is provided to you by Rik Goodell of Goodell Structural Services. Maybe you’ve got a contractor’s heart.  How to tell?  Okay, here’s a sure sign:  If you are the type who has upgraded (read: spent thousands $$$ on)  your home but you can’t tell by looking at it, then the bucks have … Continue reading Getting back your investment on “non-bling system upgrades”

How coffee affects your property (Drive by ™)

One of our readers forwards us this picture and re-iterates the importance of well known retailers moving into “less desirable” locations.  Peet’s opened nearly a month ago on the corner of 16th Ave. and Geary.  If this Peet’s does well, it could lead to many other retailers moving to the area.  Time will tell.  We … Continue reading How coffee affects your property (Drive by ™)