Keep pumping the bull shit, and the public will likely keep buying it

…and the downward spiral will continue until everyone forgets about it. We’re not denying the real estate market has/is experiencing a bit of a shake up, but all the “sky is falling” reporting is getting a bit tiring, and in no way an entirely accurate representation of the San Francisco real estate market. Don’t call … Continue reading Keep pumping the bull shit, and the public will likely keep buying it

Redfin Drowning in Red

by Damion Matthews Glenn Kelman, CEO of discount real estate brokerage Redfin, recently boasted that “Most agents only close about eight deals a year. Our agents can close 100.” So when Carol Lloyd, the SF Chronicle’s real estate columnist responded, “They can, but do they?” I immediately set out to find the answer. And the … Continue reading Redfin Drowning in Red

1771 North Point: A done deal…and no price! :-(

It’s another one of those damn “non-disclosure agreements” that is going to spoil our ability to accurately track sales around the city in real time for homes, and especially trophy properties. Yes indeed, 1771 North Point is scheduled to close escrow tomorrow (July 13th, 2007), and they’re not sharing the price. Oh well…it sold, and … Continue reading 1771 North Point: A done deal…and no price! :-(

what I think

By Shanendoah Forbes:  “Big money has been pouring into the San Francisco Real Estate Market. I wonder what ever happened to the bubble? Institutional and private investors have been on a spending spree in 2007. Condo Towers, Office Buildings, and Apartment Projects are springing up everywhere. The universal theme seems to be that big developers … Continue reading what I think

32 Collins: $115,000 over asking

From Janis Stone– “Spring has been hot (market-wise, not weather-wise) and it looks like summer will be even hotter. I can not stress to you enough how the absence of inventory can cause double-digit appreciation, when the few listings we do have sell, and it often creates multiple offer situations. A new listing I had … Continue reading 32 Collins: $115,000 over asking

A Cool Cube in a Hot City

Nothing more, nothing less than cool looking Cube Condos starting at $168,000 in Dubai that have nothing to do with San Francisco real estate, except maybe inspire. That midrise pool could be a problem though, with our howling wind and persistent foggy weather.

A reader vs. Lembi (David v. Goliath?)

One of our readers, who happens to be a very excellent, savvy, and successful real estate investor, sends us this little message: “I have been out-bid by a substantial margin twice in the last 3 weeks by Lembi. It seems that he will buy anything far above the highest bid and he is not a TIC … Continue reading A reader vs. Lembi (David v. Goliath?)

Tour de San Francisco…our way

Since this is our new home over here at WordPress, we thought we should let everyone know about our little real estate tour going on in the sfnewsletter, but archived over at Blogger…Tour de San Francisco Real Estate. Now that we’re back into this blogging thing, we’ll eventually have it all under this roof. -Editor’s … Continue reading Tour de San Francisco…our way

Getting back your investment on “non-bling system upgrades”

The following information is provided to you by Rik Goodell of Goodell Structural Services. Maybe you’ve got a contractor’s heart.  How to tell?  Okay, here’s a sure sign:  If you are the type who has upgraded (read: spent thousands $$$ on)  your home but you can’t tell by looking at it, then the bucks have … Continue reading Getting back your investment on “non-bling system upgrades”