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Cyber real estate conversations: some “funny shit”

From a reader: a true e-mail interaction between 2 SF real estate watchers on 1303 Alabama St: A: wanna hear some funny shit? no, not 306 Mullen, but that freaky-eco project on alabama and 25th. st. Be the first to see it this sunday 1-4 (and guess what, u don’t have to pay $25 to […]

Calculating Square Footage in San Francisco: “Comment du Jo...

To think that I always choose snarky comments for the “Comment du Jour” would be silly. As I always say, the comments are full of information, but I know not all of you read or follow them. So…a reader (FogCityBrit) provides a horses mouth (City Assessor) account of calculating square footage: (An update on Chelsea […]

“the place was crawling with people” (1422-24 14th Av...

Deferring to our readers on this one. I have not seen it. Thanks “anon8mizer” for the tip. Hi – Just an update on this building. I saw it on Sunday. The place was crawling with people. I thought i was back in 2004 when I was house hunting. Three types of visitors: 1) young couples/families […]

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