Fast Track to Staledom ™

Over on the sfnewsletter we have this little list we call our Stalefish ™. (Properties on the market 100+ days.)  Of course there are ways around hitting our list (“Resetting the DOM to sell Stalefish”-sfgate), but generally, we’ll find them. 177 17th Ave. (TIC) is on that list, but if you take a look at a … Continue reading Fast Track to Staledom ™

“sfnewsletter ™ Sparks the San Francisco Blogoscene”

Every now and then, you have to toot your own horn.  We’re glad to know we’re taking this blog thing by storm.  It will all come to a screaching halt as soon as the surf gets good again, so don’t get too excited.  (Disclaimer: In San Francisco that is very seldom, so plan on reading … Continue reading “sfnewsletter ™ Sparks the San Francisco Blogoscene”