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Hotel Luxury Condo’s Hold Their Value

by Janet Krahling Take a look at this comparison: Downtown Hotel Luxury Condos (St. Regis and Four Seasons Residences re-sales) vs. Pacific Heights Condos ($1m+ sales). This chart compares average price per square foot in 2006 vs. average price per square foot YTD in 2007, according to MLS data. The average price per square foot […]

High on Grass

Bringing new meaning to the term “roof-top terrace”: 267-271 Filbert Sold $2,700,000 1277 Arguello Sold $1,750,000 2500 Lyon (Statement said 2550) Asking $9,800,000 And the grand-daddy of them all the California Academy of Sciences photo credit to Inhabitat, found through Curbed. I’m thinking sunrise coffee on Filbert. Practice putting on Arguello. Deep rough shots on […]

733 Front Street, A Walkthrough, Details, and Opinion

Generally, I don’t like to post about properties I haven’t visited in person. Now that I finally have been to 733 Front, I’m happy to share what I know and thought. In a nutshell, 733 Front goes down as one of my favorite new developments for many reasons.  The biggest being the use of the […]

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