2138 Beach…what happened?

“Hi Alex, Do you mind highlighting what happened to 2138 Beach St., $1.799 mil, 2000sqft? In my notes, i write that i saw it on July 24th and it went in contract already. It’s killing me not knowing what the property was.” Fear not. It was, actually still is, a “remodeled & spacious 3 bedroom, … Continue reading 2138 Beach…what happened?

Done Deal in the Marina and only $395,000 over (2330 Bay)

Our readers have come up with some good finds this last week, and thankfully I have some time to post them, so you can pick your jaw up off the ground along with the rest of us: Take a look at this. [2330 Bay] Closed in 21 days for almost $400,000 more [asking $2,495,000 selling … Continue reading Done Deal in the Marina and only $395,000 over (2330 Bay)

1361 Francisco…buh bye!

From a reader who actually sent this a couple days ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post…1361 Francisco, a two bed, one bath condo asking $1,389,000. These things are going fast: You should definitely post this example. Here is a nice 1,200sqft lower unit Marina flat in ‘The Marina Gold Box’ area where … Continue reading 1361 Francisco…buh bye!

1330 Chestnut…a done deal

I can’t believe how many people are asking me about 1330 Chestnut, and I haven’t had time to check (cough…bull shit!)…but it is now sold. Asking $1,495,000 sold $1,550,000 and only spent 15 days (during the mortgage crisis) on the market. Reminder: If you were to receive the sfnewsletter either from me, or your Realtor/Mortgage … Continue reading 1330 Chestnut…a done deal

Various Updates (Alhambra, Sea Cliff, 22nd, Sacramento, Douglass, 27th, and more)

Our readers have been asking in various places about some properties we featured as of late. Since so many have asked so nicely here you go: 3280 22nd St @ Valencia, the “green” building that all the blogs were all hot about and many claiming wouldn’t sell. Guess what? Last week, in the middle of … Continue reading Various Updates (Alhambra, Sea Cliff, 22nd, Sacramento, Douglass, 27th, and more)

FYI, 289 Marina ($905,000 over asking)

A reader kindly calls out, and we verify: I heard the 289 Marina Blvd. house just sold. Asking $2.795 mil… north of $3 mil…. can anybody verify? I went inside… 1950’s…. needed A LOT of remodelling. [Editor’s note: Correct. Sold for $3.7M. Seven offers.] In the nick of time? Time will tell.