Stump the Stammtisch: What is an “Edwardian” House?

“Other than ‘a residence built between 1902 and 1910,’ I have found no consistent definition despite asking several RE professionals and ‘googling’ the question for about an hour. Are there are any style elements that all ‘Edwardians’ have in common?”-TC That’s a good question. I know Janis Stone has been selling homes in San Francisco … Continue reading Stump the Stammtisch: What is an “Edwardian” House?

Adios Coronet!

It took them ages to get there, but they’ve finally destructed the Coronet Theater on Geary St. “This Streamline Moderne cavern is San Francisco’s Church of the Big-Budget Blockbuster. Both “Star Wars: Special Edition” and “Phantom Menace” made their debuts here, with people camping for weeks in the dumpster-strewn parking lot. Despite its massive appeal, … Continue reading Adios Coronet!