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Luxury High Rise Condo/Hotel Developers, Realtors and Marketing P...

There is a new company in town you should be very interested in, particularly if you are catering to a high profile buyer. The company is DRIV, and the mission is simple: Take your automotive fantasies, render them in metal and leather, and hand you the keys to a stable [read: large choice] of exquisitely […]

We’re getting out of real estate…for good

From “zang”: Assistant Arrested in Killing of Real Estate Agent-[NY Times] “[the agent, her boss] ‘just kept yelling at her…’” That’s just plain sad, and for the record we think it is awful, but we want to know if you’ve ever wanted to kill your Realtor (figuratively of course) for any particular reason. Such as, […]

Green prefab?

by Tiffany Elston I know what you’re probably thinking: a “green” prefab? Aren’t prefabs generally characterized by their cheap (and toxic) materials with no real aesthetic appeal? Well that was until now! West Coast Green has decided to bring in a whole, full size beautiful green prefab to sit in Civic Center Plaza for the […]

Stump the Stammtisch: Why do an off-market deal?

This question came to me from Sophie, a very avid reader of both theFrontSteps and the sfnewsletter. I’m hoping we can provide some insight. Dear Alex, I’m very puzzled by something that happens more often than I can understand in the SF market. Why would ANY party agree to an off-market deal? (VIP houses put […]

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