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More Real Estate Mashing…CyberHomes unveiled.

From a reader, via TechCrunch. Image below is the “Change in Estimated Home Value” (Jan-Nov 2007) for San Francisco when searching our favorite Stalefish, 2901 Broadway for $55,000,000 This is what TechCrunch had to say regarding CyberHomes entry into the field of real estate websites, the likes of which include Zillow (crap!), Trulia (good), Redfin […]

Tasty, isn’t it?

It’s our list of Stalefish ™ (properties on the market 100+ days), and it’s available through the sfnewsletter.  Want some?  Contact your Realtor, mortgage broker, or sfnewsletter to get it. –Stalefish Sampler [sfn BLOG] –Stalefish List (sample) [the sfnewsletter]  

Big Price, Big Wine Cellar, Big Time Stalefish ™

We know there is a ton of interest for this property, hell…look at it. It’s beautiful. Ahhh, but it’s a Stalefish indeed. From what we can gather, 21 Buena Vista has been on the market for about 300 +/- days. First put on the market back in January of 2005 at $5,250,000, then re-listed with a different company […]

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