The Wall Street Journal Front Page Story

US Mortgage Crisis Rivals S&L Meltdown Make sure you get to the very end of that scare the sh*t out of us article to read this: In spite of the gloom, the economy may avoid recession. Housing comprises a much smaller share of the economy than business investment, which dragged the U.S. into recession in … Continue reading The Wall Street Journal Front Page Story

Let’s fix this mess, says Shiller

From a reader, “This is the same person who publishes the Case/Schiller housing index which is so widely cited…”: We have to consider the possibility that the housing price downturn will eventually be as big as that of the last truly big decline, from 1925 to 1933, when prices fell by a total of 30 … Continue reading Let’s fix this mess, says Shiller

More mortgage fiasco reporting

From today’s San Francisco Chronicle: The subprime mortgage fiasco stands to cost the Bay Area economy more than $5.4 billion next year, according to the latest report intending to put a dollar figure on the rising wave of real estate foreclosures. The lending crisis will cost the national economy $166 billion and 524,000 potential jobs, … Continue reading More mortgage fiasco reporting

Is Help on the Way?

“Countrywide, GMAC, Litton and HomeEq – which collectively service more than one quarter of subprime loans to people with poor credit – agreed to maintain the initial, lower interest rate for some subprime borrowers whose rates are scheduled to jump significantly higher. To qualify, borrowers must occupy their homes, have made their payments on time … Continue reading Is Help on the Way?

Not such a pretty picture for Bay Area housing

Is that why this guy is so smiley? His predictions are coming true? For those wondering, that is “[e]conomist Ken Rosen, a notorious bear on housing who has called for a correction for several years, [who] said home prices in the urban core of the Bay Area could drop 5 to 10 percent – but … Continue reading Not such a pretty picture for Bay Area housing

“Foreclosures Hit a Snag For Lenders”-NY Times

“A federal judge in Ohio has ruled against a longstanding foreclosure practice, potentially creating an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from troubled borrowers and raising questions about the legal standing of investors in mortgage securities pools.” “Lawyers for troubled homeowners are expected to seize upon the district judge’s opinion as a way to … Continue reading “Foreclosures Hit a Snag For Lenders”-NY Times