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An Interesting Twist to an Already Twisted Tale

From a reader: “This happened to a unit in my building, #108 over here at 88 King. They auctioned it off during the all star game and it went for $840,000.” From the article: “Mortgage scams involve a cartel of inside players — colluding property appraisers, real-estate brokers and accountants willing to draw up fake […]

A call to comment (our market, overbids, mortgage mania)

Calling all Realtors, bloggers, and readers in San Francisco! Share your experiences on the market in this thread. I, Alex Clark (the editor), am actually feeling chatty and have been chiming in, and would love some insight from my colleagues as well as all you readers and bloggers. Go ahead…comment. It’s actually kind of fun. […]

Nobody likes a bully

So here’s a story.  In case you haven’t noticed, the weather has been pretty nice.  That usually translates into good surf.  (You out of towners {SoCal} don’t get any ideas, the surf is only marginal here.)  So I’m in the water picking up clients (my board will soon be emblazoned with Zephyr stickers so I […]

Keep pumping the bull shit, and the public will likely keep buyin...

…and the downward spiral will continue until everyone forgets about it. We’re not denying the real estate market has/is experiencing a bit of a shake up, but all the “sky is falling” reporting is getting a bit tiring, and in no way an entirely accurate representation of the San Francisco real estate market. Don’t call […]

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