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Curb Cuts: Who has the answer?

From Kenny: I have a question for my fellow agents out there. Have any of you heard the rumor that there is a moratorium on new curb cuts? I’ve heard it more than once. I think it’s down to two things. One, this fall’s Prop H, which is the exact opposite — it’s a measure […]

Cut/Paste: Another Follow Up to Senate Bill 464 (Ellis Act)

“SB 464 (the anti-Ellis Act bill) still is awaiting a vote on the Senate floor. The speculation is that the bill’s author, Sheila Kuehl of Santa Monica, does not have the votes she needs for passage. Currently, virtually all of the Republicans and several key Democrats are opposing SB 464. If these keys Democrats reverse […]

Ellis Act a la SB 464: cut/paste

Last week, we posted about the new Senate Bill designed to hose landlords and property owners, and we had quite a bit of traffic to it. There is a bit of buzz about it out in the blogosphere, so we thought we’d do yet another cut/paste of an email that showed up in our inbox […]

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