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Comment du Jour: Does sold mean sold?

Sophie on Millennium Tower…”: Close of Escrow [for units at the Millennium Tower] is scheduled for Spring of 2009. I have a question. Close of escrow is when title is given [for] a big chunk of money. Right? So if they advertise “58% sold” what does that mean? That you can buy an “option” lasting […]

Calculating Square Footage in San Francisco: “Comment du Jo...

To think that I always choose snarky comments for the “Comment du Jour” would be silly. As I always say, the comments are full of information, but I know not all of you read or follow them. So…a reader (FogCityBrit) provides a horses mouth (City Assessor) account of calculating square footage: (An update on Chelsea […]

comment du jour: Will prices fall in SF?

From Kenny on “What’s Going on in the Mortgage Market”, and indeed something we’d all like to know. Yes, median prices have fallen in some areas (mostly when talking YOY), but we’d like to know what you all think. The million dollar question: “Whether or not prices will fall in SF…” Indeed that is the […]

comment du jour: 520 Clipper and being “green”

We get such a kick out of some of the comments that go un-noticed, we thought we’d grab a few from time to time. Today’s “quote du jour” comes from Joe Schmoe on “Go Green” regarding the Lorax Development Clipper House. Important to note before you see the quote, this home had features like “the […]

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