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Public School Assignments are in

  So you move to San Francisco, you get out-bid on your first home, then again on your second, and finally you get the home of your dreams, a TIC that just won the condo conversion lottery.  You’re excited about the neighborhood, you’ve seen the school down the street, and Wham!  Reality hits.  Your child might […]

Ask an Expert, to rent or not (this is a doozy)

“I recently purchased a building consisting of two flats. I did a quick refurbishment of the interior and currently need to find tenants. HOWEVER, I may end up doing something vastly different with the property in the near future. As such, I can’t offically rent out the units under a contract because I may need […]

“California has a lot of strengths, but even so, we’re seeing...

Very concerning quote indeed. BizJournals Article, but look at the alternatives…Wichita, Kansas? No thanks. 10 Most Affordable Markets-You won’t find us in any of those places. 10 Least Affordable Markets-Guess which city is on top? Damn! How’d you know. [All articles taken from…a highly recommended publication!] No they didn’t pay us for that.

Annual Allowable Rent Increase Announced

“Rent Board Adjusts Annual Allowable Rent Increase and Interest Payable on Security Deposits The annual allowable rent increase for the period March 1, 2007, through February 29, 2008, has been announced by the city’s Rent Board. The allowable rent increase is 1.5 percent. The amount is based on 60 percent of the increase in the […]

Getting back your investment on “non-bling system upgrades”

The following information is provided to you by Rik Goodell of Goodell Structural Services. Maybe you’ve got a contractor’s heart.  How to tell?  Okay, here’s a sure sign:  If you are the type who has upgraded (read: spent thousands $$$ on)  your home but you can’t tell by looking at it, then the bucks have […]

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