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Senator Boxer Video (and quotes) on California Foreclosure Crisis...

Some quotes on Senator Barbara Boxer’s April Fools Day Speech/Proposed Bill regarding the housing crisis. “Seven of the top ten foreclosure filing rates nationwide are in California!” “One in every 557 homes nationwide filed for foreclosure.” “Two hundred million dollars in additional funding for housing counselors [proposed].” “When counselors sit down with mortgage holders miracles […]

Mercury rising? San Francisco foreclosures on the increase?

Browsing TechCrunch today, we came across a site we had visited before,, that provides a fair bit of mashing goodness, and were reminded that we had never posted on the matter. Given all the continued hoopla in the media over the perpetual demise of real estate and the end of the world as we […]

Let’s fix this mess, says Shiller

From a reader, “This is the same person who publishes the Case/Schiller housing index which is so widely cited…”: We have to consider the possibility that the housing price downturn will eventually be as big as that of the last truly big decline, from 1925 to 1933, when prices fell by a total of 30 […]

Fixer Facing Foreclosure: an Update (455 Vernon)

Price then for this lovely home in Merced Heights, $695,000. We were told recently they just had a “$125,000 price reduction to $600,000”, (We’re assuming that math is from an “original price”.) So there you have it, 455 Vernon is now $600,000. We still have dibs on that truck. –Fixer Facing Foreclosure: Move Fast! [theFrontSteps] […]

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