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“California has a lot of strengths, but even so, we’re seeing...

Very concerning quote indeed. BizJournals Article, but look at the alternatives…Wichita, Kansas? No thanks. 10 Most Affordable Markets-You won’t find us in any of those places. 10 Least Affordable Markets-Guess which city is on top? Damn! How’d you know. [All articles taken from…a highly recommended publication!] No they didn’t pay us for that.

In case you missed it, some STATS & NUMBERS

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007C.A.R. reports sales decrease 12.6 percent in January, median price of a home in California at $559,640, up 1.9 percent from year ago LOS ANGELES (Feb. 27) – Home sales decreased 12.6 percent in January in California compared with the same period a year ago, while the median price of an existing […]

U.S. Economic Outlook

This chart is provided by the National Association of Realtors: Link to full document NAR is also telling us “Housing Downturn Likely to Have Hit Bottom” We post it for you to draw your own conclusions and discuss.  Heaven forbid we be accused of cheerleading, but we’ve been saying for quite some time the market […]

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