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1771 North Point: A First Look ™, Before-After, and Walkthrough...

It’s not everyday a home comes along that truly makes our jaws drop, but we were given a preview of 1771 North Point , and now you’re getting a preview too. Of course, there is a story to everything, but we’ll just give you a taste. Purchased in March of 2006 (spent 104 days on […]

4065 25th Street: A Done Deal, and Our Fun Spoiled

It appears our little Wager on 4065 25th Street, and how much over the $2,750,000 asking price it will sell, will be foiled. The parties involved have signed a confidentiality agreement, and the price will not be disclosed through MLS. (Our price guess was $2,895,900, but know it went closer to $2,950,000.) To all those that participated in […]

733 Front Street, A Walkthrough, Details, and Opinion

Generally, I don’t like to post about properties I haven’t visited in person. Now that I finally have been to 733 Front, I’m happy to share what I know and thought. In a nutshell, 733 Front goes down as one of my favorite new developments for many reasons.  The biggest being the use of the […]

More Fun With 4065 25th Street…and a Wager?

Our post about 4065 25th is getting such good “traffic”, I thought it might be fun to place a little wager. The sale is set to close on Monday (5/21/07), and if you’ve been following, you’ll know that not many people felt the price was justified.  But we know they received 3 pre-emptive offers and that usually […]

4065 25th Street: An Update

Normally, we don’t update all the properties we feature, because…well, honestly, we lose track. But when we post about a property (sweet before/after pics there) and several other blogs then post about it too, and the chatter is so negative about it not selling for this, not worth that, bad bathroom this, dark kitchen that… […]

It’s Madness! (no, not the band)

By now you’ve probably heard about 3840 Clay (pictured above), the Pacific Heights fixer that was asking $3,000,000 and sold for $4,020,000 in less than a blink of an eye. (In MLS on 4/12, 30 disclosure packages were handed out, offers reviewed on 4/16, in contract 4/19, sold 4/25… we’re told for cash.) The home […]

Start drooling now…a before, after, and First Look at 4065 25th...

-[Updated:5/15/07] More Fun with 4065 25th St…and a Wager? [sfn BLOG] The address: 4065 25th Street @ Noe The vitals: 5 bed; 3.5 bath; $2,750,000; 2 car parking; south facing yard (key!); radiant heat; 11 foot ceilings; energy efficient design (green) The History: Purchased in October of 2003 for $756,000 (under asking we might add.) […]

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