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Dear All, Thank you for your amazing support so far with the sfnewsletter.  At your requests, I invite you into our BLOG.  Our goal with the BLOG is to give you the day to day, play by play so many of you have requested, but at the same time make real estate fun and informative.  We encourage you to […]

Drive By ™

In honor of the (re)launch of our new blog, we are introducing a new section on par with our Stalefish, and Maximum Overbid of the Week. Introducing… Drive By… drive by a property (or walk, we’re green), see, point, shoot, post. You are welcome to do the same. Send us your Drive By photos and […]

Word on the Multi-Family Street

“Tell you the first big news in Multi- Family. There wasn’t one ‘Market’ deal done over ten units in January!!! Some deals were done, very few, and they were all delivered to buyers off the market. Our deal flow has nearly stopped? Rents: our best client is getting rents that are better than dot com.. […]

U.S. Economic Outlook

This chart is provided by the National Association of Realtors: Link to full document NAR is also telling us “Housing Downturn Likely to Have Hit Bottom” We post it for you to draw your own conclusions and discuss.  Heaven forbid we be accused of cheerleading, but we’ve been saying for quite some time the market […]

Selling a Home with Oscar’s Help

We know the market has cooled, but what better way to sell a home than during the Oscars?  A certain completely remodeled beauty on Buena Vista is having an Oscar party, in order that you may experience the state of the art entertainment room.  Pretty clever, we must say.  We were invited, but not sure […]

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