Virtual Real Estate, in a Virtual World

Getting tired of being priced out of the market?  Can’t imagine paying $750,000 for a one bedroom condo in San Francisco.  Frett not!  Enter Second Life. A Virtual 3D world waiting to be created. Don’t like the rain? Don’t allow it in your town? Trump stealing your thunder? Create your own real estate empire.   Land is for sale, and it’s still pretty cheap. You can buy some land, build a commercial mall, then rent space out to high end tenants (read: advertisers). The marketing world is getting in the groove of this 3D world.
The only thing…you need to be kind of tech savvy.  So break out of this two-dimensional world of over-priced real estate, and scarce land, and invest in 3D.  It may be the future, we’ll have to see. 

U.S. Economic Outlook


This chart is provided by the National Association of Realtors:

Link to full document

NAR is also telling us “Housing Downturn Likely to Have Hit Bottom”

We post it for you to draw your own conclusions and discuss.  Heaven forbid we be accused of cheerleading, but we’ve been saying for quite some time the market is still pretty damn good.  

(sorry for the lack of clarity on this pic, we’re still new at posting and tweaking pics…we’ll get it.)

The First sfnewsletter (that we could find) July 9, 2004


Dear Friends:

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The real estate market in San Francisco continues to soar. Multiple offers are almost expected on most properties, and competition is still fierce. I thought sales would slow a lot during this summer, and they have a bit. There were about half as many closed transactions this week as there were last week. Why? Summer vacation. You can’t blame people for wanting to get out of this unbelievably horrible weather we are having. Expect things to pick up to a frenzy again around September.

On that note, I am running out of town to find some sun!

Maximum overbid of the week goes to:
1358 38th. Avenue. Two bedroom, One bath, Two car parking. Asking $598,000, sold for $768,000, and only spent 10 days on the market!!!!!!

Happy Aloha Friday,

Selling a Home with Oscar’s Help


We know the market has cooled, but what better way to sell a home than during the Oscars?  A certain completely remodeled beauty on Buena Vista is having an Oscar party, in order that you may experience the state of the art entertainment room.  Pretty clever, we must say.  We were invited, but not sure you were, so we’ll keep details to ourselves.  Cruel, we know.  Just letting you know some of the more interesting ways to drive traffic to a listing these days.   And in all honesty, we can’t believe someone hasn’t bought the place.  It is truly amazing