Have you ever wondered, how many San Franciscans: Trace their ancestry from China, Ireland, Mexico or the Philippines? Are children under 5? Speak Spanish at home? Have their cars stolen? Are heterosexual or gay? Divorced? Live alone? Give birth each year? Vote Libertarian? Earn over $200,000/year? Have graduate degrees?

There is no city in the world like San Francisco, so wonder no more:

All data herein is from a wide variety of third party sources deemed reliable– much of it comes from the United States 2010 Census –

but it may contain general estimates as well as errors, and is subject to revision.


  1. Great work, thank you! Wished the data was in % of the total SF population to get a clearer picture but again, good job!

  2. Very interesting data. As a former researcher I would go on to crunch the numbers to show relationships–such as ethnicity vs. income or education, but for the real estate business in general, this has got to be a valuable tool.

  3. I want to register a dissatisfaction with the term “sexual preference.” It leads people to the idea that sexual orientation is a choice, like flavor of ice cream: “Today I’ll have vanilla; yesterday I ate chocolate.”

    It’s an orientation, not a preference.

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