Pocket Listing. Not On MLS. Buyer In Need. No Problem. PocketListings.net Launches Nationwide!

Although you might think theFrontSteps has been completely sleeping these past months, you probably forgot we’ve been busy building a place for real estate agents to post the thousands and thousands of pocket listings they have throughout the year. Not only can they post pocket listings available to be sold, but post they have buyers who are looking for something they just can’t seem to find on MLS. There is no limit on how many times you can post, it’s completely FREE to join, and any type of property is fair game (Commercial, Residential, Land, Houseboat, etc.). It’s kind of like Craigslist meets Google meets eHarmony for off market real estate, and we’re not just for San Francisco. Today, we go nationwide!

Yup, we’re live (in beta) and we want you, and you, and you to check it out, use it, and tell 100 of your bestest of best Friends.

Non agents (i.e. Public) are welcome too! Just contact your agent if you see something you like.

Here’s the best thing…we’ve quietly been live and testing the site for a couple of weeks, and trying to keep it relatively under wraps, but already have agents who have joined us from Santa Rosa, San Francisco, San Diego, Burlingame, Belmont, Pacific Palisades, and Palo Alto, CA to name a few. Still other agents in Scottsdale, AZ, Miami Beach, FL, Bend, Oregon, and the number of agents joining are growing at a very surprising rate.

We’ve had great feedback from our initial users, four agents who’ve already contacted each other about potential matches, and we think we’re ready for all of you. So go check out and use PocketListings.net.

Here are some direct links to some noteworthy pocket listings already posted:
Click here to see the very first pocket listing ever posted on our site (A $2.4M home in Scottsdale, AZ).
Click here to see the most expensive pocket listing posted so far (A $5.5M home in Palo Alto, CA).
Click here to see the most unexpected post so far (A $60,000 parking space in San Francisco, CA).

PocketListings.net is absolutely ROCKING and we haven’t even begun. Don’t wait, get in the game!

To keep updated on our happenings, we have a substantial number of “Friends” already on our Facebook Profile (also serving as our blog), so we’d be delighted to have you come join us there.

Our Twitter page is growing every day, and is also the place every single one of our posts is fed. Huh? Fed? Yep, you can follow us on Twitter, you can follow our hashtags for #plcity, and you’ll see every single post in real time. No need to search, no need to sort. Just browsing for all of you real estate porn addicts. Follow us @PocketListings.

If you liked watching theFrontSteps grow to over 500,000 readers*, you’re going to be more impressed with what we do with PocketListings.net, so we hope you find a way to be a part.


*in our heyday, we had ~500,000 unique visitors per year, right here on these very theFrontSteps.

Zillow’s Zestimates Rubbing You Wrong Too? Vent!

From a reader:

Average condos in SF are up 4.9% in the past year. I am happy for everyone who owns one, but I have a problem with the means of estimating a condo’s value and that is via Zillow.
I won’t waste your time telling me to ignore Zillow, as I would like to do. But many people go to the Zillow site to see their Zestimates and I have a huge issue with Zillow on their Zestimate of my condo.

I am in a classy South Beach building and have an incredible, unobstructed view of the Bay along the Embarcadero. My neighbor, with the same footprint of a little over 1,000 sq ft 1 bed, 1 bath, has his place “Zestimated at over $1.2mil. My place used to be about that, but in the past 18 months my Zestimate has gone down to under $650,000. I think my neighbor’s place is accurately figured and it is a lovely place. But mine has a better view, by far and has no privacy issues as far as large office blocks looking right into his bedroom and dining room. So, to summarize: two identical units in the same building with a difference in Zestimates of about $600,000. Just seems impossible.

I would like to protest with Zillow but there is no opportunity to do so other than writing letters to their Seattle HQ. No responses. One real estate guy saw me complaining in a forum on Zillow and he said it is all algorhythms and there is no human input. He said to just ignore Zillow. If no one went to Zillow I would find that easy to do.

If anyone doubts me, just check out 75 Folsom #1105 and #1106. You tell me.

Any ideas?

I know our site has been asleep for a while, but anybody have any suggestions?

Thought you were Pacific Heights? Uh, uh! You’re Cow Hollow now, bitch!

Just when you thought you had it dialed, those darned Realtors go screwing with the neighborhoods.

“The SFAR MLS will be rolling out a significantly revised version of its District/Subdistrict map during the evening of August 10, 2010.

Boundary Changes:
· Dividing line between 7b (Pacific Heights) and 7d (Cow Hollow) jogs south for one block at the west end and changes so that both sides of Green are in 7d (Cow Hollow) between Lyon and Divisadero. The boundary between Divisadero and Van Ness remains the same, keeping both sides of Green in 7b (Pacific Heights)

· 9h (South Beach) expands into portions of 9f (SOMA) and 9d (Mission Bay)

· Dividing line between 6b (Hayes Valley) and 8f (Van Ness/Civic Center) moves from Gough to Franklin

· Dividing line between 6c (Lower Pacific Heights) and 8f (Van Ness/Civic Center) moves from Gough to Franklin between Sutter and California

· Dividing line between District 8a (Downtown) and 8j (Tenderloin) moves from Geary to O’Farrell

· 5f (Buena Vista Park) expands to include Ashbury Heights, and is renamed Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights accordingly

· 5e (Parnassus/Ashbury Heights) changes to include a portion of 5b (Haight Ashbury) which is commonly known as Cole Valley, and is renamed Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights accordingly

· 9a (Bernal Heights) expands to include portions of 9c (Inner Mission) south of Cesar Chavez between San Jose and Mission

· Dividing line between 5c (Noe Valley) and 9c (Inner Mission) moves from Guerrero to San Jose between 24th St to 26th St.

· 5a (Glen Park) expands to include portions of 4s (Sunnyside), 4h (Miraloma Park) and 5c (Noe Valley)

The following Districts are newly added, carved out of existing districts:
· 9G (Yerba Buena), carved out of portions of 9f (SOMA)

· 10M (Candlestick Point), carved out of portions of 10K (Bayview Heights)

· 10N (Little Hollywood), carved out of portions of 10K (Bayview Heights)

The following Districts are renamed:
· 8b (Financial District) is renamed Financial District/Barbary Coast

· 9j (Central Waterfront) is renamed Central Waterfront/Dogpatch

· 5e (Parnassus/Ashbury Heights) is renamed Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights

· 1d (Lake) is renamed Lake Street (the word “Street” is added)

· 5f (Buena Vista Park) is renamed Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights

Here’s the New Map