Reason To Live Here (In SF) # 16: You Are Not “B & T”, And You Rarely Have To Deal With This

[Photo Source: Noah Berger]

We received this email last night from the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, and we’re sure you all heard about the Emergent Closure of the Bay Bridge yesterday due to a “cantilever section made over Labor Day weekend[,which] snapped and crashed onto the upper deck of the span late [yesterday] afternoon, striking three vehicles and forcing the indefinite closure of the region’s busiest bridge”, but in case you hadn’t, now you know.

If you live and work in the city, emails and events like this should have little impact on your daily life (like us), but if you’re B & T, you’re bumming…

Golden Gate Transit Bus, Golden Gate Ferry and Gate Golden Bridge Customers:

In light of the closure of the Bay Bridge [last night] Tuesday, October 27, and the unknown timing of its re-opening, we want to caution all our passengers to expect delays on our systems during the closure. At the Golden Gate Bridge, we will have all lanes in the Toll Plaza opened by 4 am in anticipation of heavy southbound traffic and the roadway will be configured with 4 lanes southbound into San Francisco for the morning commute. Golden Gate Ferry will be prepared to add a high-capacity Spaulding vessel to operate after 7 am from Larkspur to San Francisco, depending on the passenger demand. Golden Gate Transit buses will operate as close to schedule as they possibly can, given the traffic.

Oh…we often forget we have a lot of out of town readers that might not know what exactly “B & T” means. Maybe one of our readers can clarify, because we don’t dare go there. ;-)

Yet another one of the many “reasons we live here” in the city.

“Caliber” Sets The Bar For (San Francisco) Photography

With several local photographers coming together on one site, Caliber ( is hands down the best photo blog we’ve ever seen in San Francisco, quite possibly on all of the internets, and it’s worth bookmarking and checking everyday.

[We couldn’t pick just one “favorite” photo to show you as example, so we grabbed three.]
Yes, You're Loud
[“Exploding Psychology”]

[“Shoe shine on Market Street”]

[“Smoke ’em if you got ’em”]

You’ve likely already seen Caliber mentioned on any of the multiple San Francisco blogs around town, but we wanted to give them a chance to prove what they got before doing our little plug. Well, they’ve exceeded expectations and it’s quite simply an awesome site with really, really amazing photos and we’re more than happy to send them a little love, and send you their way.

Go ahead, you’re not that busy. Check them out.

Caliber Photo Blog

Close Encounters Of The Blogger/Realtor Kind

Yesterday, I had a client meeting, but didn’t actually get to meet the client (long story), but the boyfriend was there to fill in, and I got this email today (edited for flow) that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy:

Hey Alex,

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Sorry I couldn’t make it. Thought I’d share the conversation I had with my boyfriend when I got home:

Boyfriend said “Have you met him?”
Me: “No, not in person.”
BF: “He seems pretty cool for a Realtor.”
Me: “He’s pretty cool for a human.”

Thanks for that! We’ll get together soon!

Oh but wait! According to this D-Bag, my numbers aren’t where they should be, so I’ll have to come back today and get you to sign on the dotted line. Okay?

Crime, Toxic Sites, Plan Your San Francisco Halloween (Or Home Search) With These Fun Maps!

It’s no secret, we love Property Shark, and if you’re serious about your San Francisco house hunting or Halloween, you should too. They’ve just released a new Crime Map that is frighteningly detailed (click on maps for larger images):


A little zoom goes a long way when you’re looking to score (Trick-or-treating in this area, the Tenderloin, not advised. Unless, of course, you like rock candy):


Ahhh….it gets better. Pair that crime map with their Toxic Sites Map and you have the recipe for hours of jaw-dropping fun! (It’s not advised to accept apples or organic “treats” from homes with a red “+” when trick-or-treating.)


For all of you home seekers, consider yourself disclosed as to whether those drug dealers out front of your dream home are there often, and whether that funny looking steel pipe coming up from the sidewalk really carries any significance or not. ;-)

Thank you to PropertyShark, and an early Happy Halloween to you all.

SF Crime Maps []
Fun in the Tenderloin Map [Property]
Crime and Toxic Maps combined []

Reader Reports: 1358 Cole Then ($800,000) And Now ($749,000)

The email:


Take a look at this Cole Valley condo. Purchased in April 2005 for $800,000, relisted [11 days ago] for $749,000. No upgrades, no permit history, save for a new roof.

I would prefer to remain anonymous.


Anonymous you shall remain, thankful we shall be to all of the readers, including you, that send in tips.

We’d like to add, when it sold in 2005 for $800,000 it was listed at $749,000. Will history repeat itself? We can only hope.

1358 Cole Street $800,000 Then

1358 Cole Street, $749,000 Now

Price…Check, Dog Run…Check, Golf…Check, Triple 7 Truly Is A Lucky Address To Have All That

The price lured us in ($369,000 for a TIC at 77 7th Ave), but it’s the use of internet mapping technology to lure YOU in that earned a spot on our pages.


Didn’t get it at first glance? Fret not, neither did we. Look again. It’s actually NOT a big green mass of something weird your eyes can’t make out, it’s an aerial shot of 7th Ave looking to the west with Mountain Lake Park, “one of the City’s favorite parks -right outside your back door! [And] a gate from the garden leads directly into the park! A dog owner’s dream!!”

But what if you love cats? Just don’t let them outside…

It is; however, a short “drive” away from Presidio Golf Course’s deceptively short par five second hole, for all you golf lovers out there.


Go ahead, we dare you to go driver from your roof. You’ve got the 777 on your side after all.

77 7th Ave Unit B, $369,000

What’s Happening In The Richmond District Of San Francisco

Every so often we come across blogs that are worthy of a plug, and the Richmond District Blog is one such blog. It is well written, a good source of information, fun, and easy on the eyes (not loaded with a bunch of crap and web design mistakes). Take a look, bookmark it, and be on your way to enlightenment on all things Richmond District!

Things We Love About Real Estate: The Realtor Voicemail

Is it just us, or do Realtors always feel they have to let the world know they wouldn’t for a second think about doing anything but working? Case in point, the Realtor voicemail.

Try this for fun. Pick a Realtor, any Realtor (preferably a “top producer”…such a bogus title, but we won’t go there), and call their voicemail. Chances are really good you’ll hear something like this:

“Hi, this is so and so, and it’s Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., I’ll be in and out of the office on appointments all day and checking voicemail periodically.”
Translation: My tee time is at 9:30, so I’ll get back to you in about 5 hours after my 18 holes.

Here’s another:
“Hi, this is so and so and you’ve reached my voicemail. I’m either on the phone or out with clients, so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
Translation: I never go to the office, and I’m guaranteed to not be on the phone, but if I tell myself and you that I’m on the phone it makes me sound and feel busier, and I’m really not out with clients in my car in the age of the internet, I just wish I was. I think I’ll get a pedicure today.

One more:
“Hi, this is so and so, top producer 1999,2000, 2002-2009. For more information about my listings please check my website at If you’ve reached my voicemail I’m either on the phone or out with one of my many clients touring property, but I’m never too busy for you and your referrals. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
Translation: Leave a message, and then read more about me and my awesomeness at, because I love stroking my ego. Not enough info there? Look for me plastered all over the shopping carts at your local supermarket. Aren’t my teeth so shiny and white? Never mind that my picture is 25 years old, I still got it! And how cute are my dogs!?

We just don’t get it. Do you?