Vizzie my house!

What do you think of advertising listings in this manner? I guess if you have a hot, sexy voice, or a voice like Darth Vader’s (James Earl Jones), it could be effective, and get you in the mood….to buy property of course! But does the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” apply here, or is the added voice walk-through helpful?


Regardless, the place looks sweet and unfortunately doesn’t have parking, but who needs a car in this city anyway? I just must add…Starbucks? Come on! There are way better coffee choices around there than that.

In case clicking on the picture doesn’t work for you [1628 Broderick]

Cyber real estate conversations: some “funny shit”

From a reader:

a true e-mail interaction between 2 SF real estate watchers on 1303 Alabama St:


wanna hear some funny shit? no, not 306 Mullen, but that freaky-eco project on alabama and 25th. st. Be the first to see it this sunday 1-4 (and guess what, u don’t have to pay $25 to be on some pretentious architect tour!)

fyi- it’s north of $900 sq ft, for a tic in the mish!! woohoo!!


$900 per sq. ft? thats fucking funny, really funny.

It was wrong of these assholes to sell tickets then put it on the market. I saw dozens of scared shitless visitors on Sunday filing through the place with nametags “Hi– Rob me”


i agree, a tic [north of] $900 per sq ft. in the mish is funny; makes that silly lorax bldg on 22nd/valencia [3280 22nd St.] seem reasonable! btw, i think the whole bldg is a duplex, so 1 unit sells as a tic. i wonder how much dough they made from that architect-bend-over-take-it-up-the-ass-tour. actually, having a free open house 1 week later is fucking hilarious as well. funny shit!


My partner thinks I’m nuts to have thought of construction and future sale price of 425$/sq. ft.

1 million for TIC of 1200 sq the fucking hood? This I MUST see.

1303 Alabama St:


306 Mullen:


3280 22nd St. [look how quickly they sold, and it would be 3 units. ;-) ]:


That is some good shit and a good taste of what goes on. I was hesitant to post as you sent the same “shit” to other sites, but I’m over it, and always down for a good laugh. Thanks for sending in, and feel free to send more.

17th & Clayton, a reader asks…

[Update: New drive by photos below!]

“I was wondering if you know what the deal is with the copper siding on the new condos on the corner of 17th & Clayton. Some people are saying that it will be the finished look and I am hoping they are wrong. Hideous! Thanks.”


Here’s all I know:

The four townhomes are scheduled to be completed in March 2008

(approximately). It’s still too early for pricing, but the homes will have

great volume (9′ to 11′ ceilings), high-end finishes and views. They are

each four-level townhouse style condominiums.

Here’s the breakdown (per the plans and subject to change):

4588 17th Street

3 BR / 3.5 BA, 1832 SqFt, Backyard, 2 Decks, 1 Car Parking

4590 17th Street

3 BR / 3.5 BA, 1685 SqFt, Backyard, 2 Decks, 1 Car Parking

4596 17th Street

3 BR / 3.5 BA, 1646 SqFt, Backyard, 2 Decks, 1 Car Parking

4598 17th Street

3 BR / 3 BA, 1532 SqFt, Backyard, 2 Decks, 1 Car Parking

Anybody have an updated photo?

Thanks Garrett! Camera phones are a blessing (and a curse) aren’t they?



17th & Clayton Pics and some Luv [theFrontSteps]

San Francisco as retirement destination? Huh?!

I just had to put this up. My favorite quote: “Ten years ago, when he retired, he and his wife migrated south to a bedroom community in Cary, N.C., where it was quiet and green–everything retirement is supposed to be. But ‘I was bored out of my gourd, frankly,’…”

Guess where he’ll be living? The Infinity.

[Update: another article on SF as top retirement destination: U.S. News]

Yahoo Finance Article

Nobody likes a bully

So here’s a story.  In case you haven’t noticed, the weather has been pretty nice.  That usually translates into good surf.  (You out of towners {SoCal} don’t get any ideas, the surf is only marginal here.)  So I’m in the water picking up clients (my board will soon be emblazoned with Zephyr stickers so I can write it off), and I run into a colleague.

He tells me a story about two highly qualified buyers that literally wrote offers two months ago, then decided, “the newspapers are telling us it’s a bad time to buy, so we’re going to hold off…”  WTF!  Who gets real estate advice from the newspaper?  That’s like asking me to advise you on which stocks to pick, or what’s the best way to perform a root canal.   Not good medicine.


Stump the Stammtisch: “Should we tenants be worried?”


I rent an apartment on Grove near Clayton over in the Panhandle/North Park area of the city. Our landlord has recently been bringing brokers by to “view” certain apartments in our 6-unit building. Many properties have been for sale in our neighborhood recently, and everything seems to go like hot cakes. Should we tenants be worried?



Not going to touch this one. The long and short, if you’re worried talk to a good landlord/tenant attorney. In general, tenants have A LOT of rights. Anyone else care to elaborate?

$605,000 less than it was (2801 Lake)… actually $1,205,000 less.

Originally listed at $4.2M in 2003, 2801 Lake was hacked to $3.6M and just recently hacked again to the current price of $2,995,000. That is a MAJOR reduction that may or may not indicate something about the market, but it sure as hell indicates something about staging and getting your home ready to sell.




There were so many of these rooms, it was hard to pick just one, so I went with the picture medley. Now I’ll go bandage my bleeding lips, as I had to bite them so hard to refrain from commenting. Maybe we should see who can come up with the best caption for each photo. Photos 1-4, starting on the top.

Happy Friday!

[Update: Sold for $2,580,000 on 12/18/2007]