3130 Pacific, Priced to sell at $12,495,000

[Update 7/12/07…SOLD…$14,000,000!!]



Since its neighbor at 3100 Pacific was asking $15,000,000, received 2 offers and just closed escrow for a price we’re not disclosing, it is only fitting the other newest new home in Pacific Heights, 3130 Pacific right next door, should come on the market too (hit MLS).   It is asking a bit less than 3100 Pacific, and a bit more than we were previously told ($12MM), but who’s counting? We are…counting the days before it is sold. We’re bettin’ not many. 

[update 6/6/07: In contract after seven days on the market and looking pretty solid for a quick sale.]

3100 and 3130 Pacific [Sotheby’s]

3130 Pacific [MLS]

2901 Broadway, a Google drive-by

We had so much fun comparison shopping with 2901 Broadway (the $55,000,000 listing we have here in San Francisco), we thought why not do a drive by and scare the ___ out of the Gettys and Ellison, and Trainas, who live on this block? Not that kind of drive by, but a Google drive by, with Google’s new “street view” mapping technology that promises to take up hours of your time once you discover it.
In a nutshell, you can search an address, move this little icon onto the map, and voila! You’re street level. Take a stroll down the street by clicking the N,S,E,W arrows, do a 360 degree turn, and zoom in insanely close. This is a Peeping Tom’s delight.
As for real estate, it could mean us Realtors won’t actually have to put you in a car. We’ll just direct you to Zillow, Redfin or PropertyShark.com for all the listings and the comps, send you the link to this street level mapping so you can check out the area, put a Starbuck’s Frappucino (yuck!) coffee card in the mail to you, and consider our 6% made. ;-)
Do the “drive by” by following this link to the corner of Broadway and Baker. Just make sure to stop at all the STOP signs. The neighbors might complain.

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Google Maps on Broadway and Baker

99 Surrey: A done deal in Glen Park for UNDER ASKING!

The teensy weensy 790 square foot “condo alternative” at 99 Surrey in Glen Park that had all the blogs abuzz, has sold. Asking $599,000 sold for $573,000 or $725/square foot. It did also have “RH-2 lot with renderings of contemporary 2 unit building with parking”, so we’re thinking we’ll be hearing about this in a few years.

[Update: After browsing MLS a bit longer, we see it last sold 12/29/06 for $499,000, but then it “needed work and creative ideas”.  That means it appreciated $73,000 in 6 months, even though it sold under asking.  Of course we know nothing of how much they put into it, if any, and how much they spent in mortgage, but those are the basics for you to ponder.]

1326-28 15th Avenue: an update, and wager

Following up to our previous post about 1326-28 15th Avenue (awesome before shots, so make sure to click that link), we know it received multiple offers, and it is scheduled to close June 4th, 2007.  We thought we’d do another little wager. We’re staying out of this one. We leave it up to you. Here are some photos, and here’s the MLS Fact Sheet, and some Inner Sunset comps to help you make a more educated decision. In case you don’t click those links, they’re asking $1,385,000.  What do you think it will sell for?
Pass this around your office and amongst your friends, post your answers in the comments, and feel free to change your guess as much as you like. Just let us know how much you win. ;-) A sort of March Madness in May.

Update: It might not actually be marked sold in MLS yet, but we know the scoop, and unfortunately we can’t give you all the dirt. What we can tell you is that they were asking $1,385,000, it went for over $1.6MM, received 11 offers and was only on the market 5 days.

4065 25th Street: a done deal, and our fun spoiled [sfn BLOG]
Some Makeup…a little… [sfn BLOG]

[Before photos provided by seller to us exclusively, after photos taken from MLS.]

Stats & Numbers

Thanks to “Boom”, who commented on one of our posts, and provided us with this link to the latest Bay Area Home Sale Activity for April 2007, which we copied below to show you just how San Francisco stacked up to the same month last year. [source: Data Quick]

Our problem with relying on zip code data for median prices and market trends in San Francisco is the fact that the zip code doesn’t necessarily jive with the neighborhood and common type of property being purchased in those areas.  Examples: 94115 is Pacific Heights, but it also includes Lower Pacific Heights and the Western Addition; 94110 is the Mission, but also Bernal Heights; 94121 is Central and Outer Richmond, but also Sea Cliff.  See where we’re going with this?  

Regardless, here are some cool “real time” graphs you might find interesting as well. (Graphs are only for Single Family Residences.)

Innner Richmond, Laurel/Presidio Heights

Central/Outer Richmond, Sea Cliff

Marina/Cow Hollow


Pacific Heights, Lower Pacific Heights, Western Addition

Mission, Bernal Heights,

Noe Valley, Corona Heights, Duboce Triangle

Mission Bay/Potrero Hill/SOMA, South Beach

South Beach, SOMA, Financial District

If you’d like your zip charted, contact us.

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[image sources: Data Quick; and Altos Research]

1771 North Point: A quick follow up


Previously, we posted about 1771 North Point, and at the time we promised not to disclose the asking price, only had a link to a temporary website, and only had photos that we had taken ourselves. Ahhh, but now we have more.
They are, in fact, asking $4,995,000.  The home is 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, with 5 parking spaces, and is located in the Marina. It is the Pacific Coast Builders Showcase home.
We promised we’d let you know when the new site is up. Well…they flipped the switch a couple hours ago, and you can see more photos (87 to be exact), a virtual tour, floor plans, and all kinds of other information on the site. For the inside scoop, you’ll have to come back, cuz we got nothin’ for ya right now.

Photos (87 to be exact) [imglynx.com]
Our Original Post on 1771 North Point [sfn BLOG]
1771northpoint.com [website]
MLS Details [MLS]

Your chance at fame…or missed fortune.

We were just forwarded this by a reader and thought some others may want the chance at it. Our favorite quote, which shouldn’t go un-noticed simply for the fact that the mainstream media is saying it, “…because you thought the real estate market had peaked.” We assume this means others are catching on to what we’ve been saying for months.

Did you turn down the chance to buy a $250,000 Sunset fixer some years ago, and now kick yourself because the same house is worth $1 million? Did you sell your home in 1998 and switch to renting because you thought the real-estate market had peaked?
We’re looking for Bay Area residents’ tales of real-estate regrets — the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” scenarios. With the benefit of hindsight, are there specific local properties you wish you had bought — or sold — a few years ago?
If you care to comment, please address the following question:
“What real-estate deal — one you made or one you didn’t make — do you kick yourself over? Please be specific as possible about the type of house you passed up.
Responses are due by 10 a.m. Tuesday, May 29. Please include your name and the name of the town you live in with your answer.
Answers — which will run only if space permits — should be 50 words or less and are subject to editing. Those selected for publication will run with the correspondent’s photo, name and the name of the town where he or she lives. The column will also run on our Web site, www.sfgate.com.
It’s also possible that a reporter will quote some answers in a related story, so please be sure to include your name and a daytime contact number with your answer.

Thank you,
Heidi Swillinger
Community editor”

Send your emails to: twocents@sfchronicle.com

Is what we’ve been saying for months finally catching on? [sfn BLOG]
More Doom and Gloom, but is it the best way to think? [sfn BLOG]

zūm llc: a 3D “picture medley”

Ever hear the Jane’s Addiction song, “L.A. Medley”? If not, you should. We recently discovered zūm llc as the company that has done some 3D renderings for some of the new developments around town (The Potrero, Blū, Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square, 733 Front Street) and we decided they are deserving of our first “picture medley”. We’re always happy to support local businesses, so we contacted them, they replied, and you get to…ENJOY!

Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square:






733 Front Street:




Blū (631 Folsom):



The Potrero (451 Kansas):







Pretty Impressive isn’t it?

Some bullet points describing in brief what zūm llc does for the owner/developer…

In most cases they are retained directly by the owner/developer to assist the clients’ design and marketing teams for:

·Sales & Marketing

·Pre sales and Pre leasing

·Feasibility and Environmental studies

·Investor review process

·Design review process

·Government review process

As a person in the real estate business, with clients that sometimes make purchases solely off of pictures (myself included…not recommended, but common), the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words holds true. Now I can say a high-res 3D picture is worth two thousand words. Thanks to zūm llc for enlightening us.

We’ll get some information for you regarding Blū, and the Fairmont, and an update on the Potrero and 733 Front as soon as we can. We might also add that we “are the only blog that has these images right now“, so if you’re seeing them somewhere else, remember you saw them here first. Now, go back up and look at those pictures again. You deserve it.

The Potrero


Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square

733 Front Street

733 Front Street: a walkthrough and opinion [sfn BLOG]