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Happy 4th Of July!

Imagine if the British had won…

I hope the fog lifts so San Francisco gets a firework display, rather than a colorful cloud show. Me, I’m outta here, seeking 90+ degree weather, high altitude, blue water, mt bike trails, and eventually my kids.

Be safe. Drive safe. Drink Safe. Have a great weekend.

…And You Thought Getting Beat Up In Multiple Offers Was Bad

File this one under nothing to do with real estate, everything to do with insanity, stupidity, fun, danger, pain, and suffering all rolled into one.

…and you thought getting beat up in multiple offers was bad.

-Spectacular Shorepound, HI [Surfing]

Starting The Day Off Right With A Rosetta

When the home espresso machine (and barista) can put this together, it’s gonna be a good day…not to mention the stock market is up, and the sun is out!


Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee’s Fazenda Jacaranda
Machine: Gaggia Classic

[Update: The stock market is now down! F*ck!]