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Dropping Knowledge: San Francisco Property Pie Chart

I know you’re all like me, you drive around town looking at all the wonderful, insanely expensive property we have here in San Francisco. I know you wish you knew how many of the properties you see were single family homes, how many are condominiums, how many are big ol’ properties of which you’d love to be the landlord (or maybe you already are). My company came up with this nice little pie chart for all y’all. Enjoy:


Como Se Dice… Gonzo? 1080 Chestnut #14A, one day on and gone!

One day on, one day off…1080 Chestnut #14A, a 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 2600 square foot co-op sells in contract in a heart beat, somewhere around $4,500,000 (something says off-market deal, which is totally okay by us.)

1080 Chestnut #14A

1080 Chestnut #14A living room views

Sale is pending board approval.

-1080 Chestnut #14A [MLS]