Poll: Is San Francisco In A Real Estate Bubble

The question comes up often enough, so why not put it up to vote. Power (and wisdom of markets) to the people.

Battle Royale: San Francisco Or London, If You Had To Choose…

The reader comment that sparked the idea for this post, and hopefully fun debate to follow: “I’m an American living in London for the last 3 years and there is no doubt that London is more civilised and cultured than either New York or SF. My children have benefited greatly from the vastly superior free education here. The average Londoner is far, far better educated and has vacationed widely in Europe and the world. This means that the creative and cultural scene in London is geared to a much higher cultural level than in the US. Much of NY culture is geared to a low to medium level to reflect this. Just watch BBC news compared to the US news networks. London simply feels that it is centre of world culture today and more multicultural than New York or SF. We Americans can learn a lot from this city as it definately holds the crown.”

To add a little history to these “Battle Royales“…We’ve done a few over the years that have varied from topic to topic: New York City or San Francisco; LA or SF; Cole Valley or Noe Valley; Realtor or Politician; and the list goes on. They’ve been read thousands of times over, and it’s your comments that make them so great and the reason people keep coming back to read more.

The way we see it…

London has an iconic Bridge:
San Francisco has an iconic Bridge:
London has English Premier League Football and plays host to such teams as Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham United, Chelsea, and Fulham:
San Francisco has just one team, the “World” (perhaps National would be a better word?) Champion San Francisco Giants (can’t count the 49ers, as they’re moving to Santa Clara, but watch out for those Golden State Warriors looking to plant their roots on San Francisco soil):
London has tea:
San Francisco has great coffee now around every corner:
London has the Double Decker Bus:
San Francisco has the Cable Car:
London is the home of Her Majesty the Queen of England:
San Francisco has its share of “Queens” too:
London is proud of their Fish and Chips:
San Francisco is proud of their Dungeness Crab:

London has COLD surf nearby:
San Francisco has COLD and BIG surf nearby:
So you see, both places have their pluses and minuses, and that’s our two cents, but we really want to hear from all of you readers, you readers on both sides of the Pond.

Please share your comments and perspectives in the comment section below, click that “share” button, or “Like” this on your Facebook page, Tweet it on Twitter, don’t forget to take the poll at the top of the page, and ask your friends and family to chime in.

Believe it or not, people from around the world often refer to these “Battles” when researching this wonderful city we call home, and whether or not they’d like to live here, and if they do move here, which area would be the best place for them.

Go Giants..and Tottenham Hotspurs!

Battle Royale: San Francisco Or Palo Alto, If You Had To Choose

We’ve had a lot of battles over the years here on theFrontSteps. Some have been rather quiet (Tokyo versus San Francisco), while others like New York City versus San Francisco, San Francisco versus East Bay, and Cole Valley versus Noe Valley continue to rage on.

The comparison of places one might set up shop, lay down roots, call home, or start a business is never going to end. It has always been, and always will be, a popular topic, and a debate sure to spark any conversation. It’s an important discussion point, and one that would certainly need to be hashed out for any future residents or visitors alike to San Francisco or other places. Therefore, it’s time for another Battle Royale that we somehow failed to do previously…

San Francisco or Palo Alto, if you had to choose, and why?

The argument has to begin something along the lines of “to each his own”, but in all fairness San Francisco clearly has a lot more to offer any hip young person that might be working at a hip young startup. Our nightlife is better, our bars are better, our restaurants are better, our access to recreation is better (this could easily be debated), our coffee is better, our surf is better (no…Santa Cruz is NOT part of “greater” Palo Alto), our hipsters are hairier, our marijuana is more legal, and our gays are gayer (because we’re free man…we’re free).

On the other hand, Palo Alto clearly beats San Francisco’s ass in regards to summertime weather, cleanliness of streets, college vibe, shear brain power concentrated in one place (Stanford), and being a great place to raise a family. But that’s just what we think.

What do you think?

Your comments are appreciated, will be read by thousands, and could quite possibly make or break a buyer’s decision on whether to buy a home in San Francisco or Palo Alto. No pressure…

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[Full disclosure...I represent clients in both San Francisco and Palo Alto, so of course I only have good things to say about both locations.]

Vote Now! Best Coffee (House) In San Francisco

WOW! The “best” coffee (house) in San Francisco nominees streamed in last week, thanks to a nice little link from Yahoo!, and it looks like we may now have the most comprehensive list of San Francisco Coffee (Houses) ever on one ballot. Needless to say, our tiny list was well shy of what is truly out there to enjoy, and it looks like we have some coffees to taste. But for now it’s time to vote.


Which San Francisco Coffee (House) is THE BEST by majority vote?

We leave it to you. Please vote, please tell your friends, Tweet it, “Like” it, share the link (http://thefrontsteps.com/2011/03/14/bestcoffeesf/), then print the list and visit each and every one of these places. Whatever you do, don’t let your favorite coffee (house) lose!

Good luck!


If your fav coffee (house) didn’t make the ballot, feel free to mention them in the comments or add them in “other”. As always, thanks for hanging out on theFrontSteps, and thanks for telling your friends.

Once again, the direct link to this post: http://thefrontsteps.com/2011/03/14/bestcoffeesf/.

[Update: Word is spreading on multiple sites, including SFGate, so we may actually get a "People's Choice" here....and a few thousand votes.]

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Vote Now: San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009!

[Friday a.m. update: We know the suspense is killing you, but you'll have to a wait a little bit for the announcement of our finalists. We have properties to show, and contingencies to lift (and a bit of a hangover). You'll know soon enough....and now you know (click to see the finalists)....and let the voting begin, Click to Vote For the Winner! (Polls open 6am Monday 12/14.)]

[Sorry! Polls are now closed! Please submit nominees for next year to theFrontSteps@gmail.com, but come back here tomorrow for the finalists!]

The day is finally upon us….voting for the 2009 Sexiest Realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area has begun, and we’ll have a winner soon. Before we begin, we’d like to point out a few things:

1. Due to the number of nominees this year and our reach beyond San Francisco into the greater Bay Area, we decided to throw all of the beautiful nominees up at once. However, there are three groups battling it out amongst themselves (Group A, B, C) both in the Women’s and Men’s competition. The winners from each group will advance for a final round of voting next week. Winners from this round will be announced this Friday.
2. Women are first, men are below, so don’t forget to check them boys out too.
3. In order to attempt to limit the number of duplicate votes, we have disabled the re-vote feature, so if you really want one person to win, spread the word to your friends instead of clicking over and over on that one name . If it appears there is a problem, let us know (theFrontSteps@gmail.com).
4. After this contest, we are going to go on holiday from blogging on theFrontSteps to help build the best place for all of those pocket listings (PocketListings.NET) so many of you agents are holding on to and hoping to sell. Try not to miss us while we’re away, and definitely follow Pocket Listings on Twitter to keep updated on progress. We’ll be back here soon enough.
5. As always, comments are (currently) open and any inappropriate content/comments will be deleted immediately at our sole discretion.
6. Updates on the contest will be provided below for what we’re seeing behind the scenes.

So….without further adieu, let the fun begin! Have a good look at the beauties below, VOTE, and tell your friends/colleagues! Good luck to all of you nominees…time to start blasting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts!

Sexiest Realtor San Francisco Bay Area 2009 Female Nominees:

Oooh la la!

[Sorry! Polls are now closed! Please submit nominees for next year to theFrontSteps@gmail.com, but come back here tomorrow for the finalists!]

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Women GROUP A(online surveys)

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Women GROUP B(polls)

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Women GROUP C(polls)

What competition would be complete without the men?!

Sexiest Realtor San Francisco Bay Area 2009 Male Nominees:

Ooooh la la!

[Sorry! Polls are now closed! Please submit nominees for next year to theFrontSteps@gmail.com, but come back here tomorrow for the finalists!]

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Men GROUP A(polling)

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Men GROUP B(polls)

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Poll Men GROUP C(survey software)

Make sure to come back and see the results this Friday. We currently allow you to see the results in real time by clicking “view results” in the poll, but we usually take that privilege away at some point. ;-)

Thanks for visiting theFrontSteps. Don’t forget to visit and bookmark PocketListings.NET, and FOLLOW POCKET LISTINGS ON TWITTER. If you’d simply like to follow theFrontSteps you’re welcome to do that too.

The contestant’s websites: Amy Harrington; Barbara Ellis; Shannon Arterburn; Ginger Wilcox; Luba Muzichenko; Jenn Davis; Danielle Lazier; Marie Carr; Thena Luu DiNapoli; Miyuki “Mia” Takami; Diana Kaus Koll; Amy Levins; Marika Fishman; Dace Dislere; Kimberly Airey; Alix Fagersten; Olivia Hsu Decker; Alicia Sanguinetti; Andrea Hesselein; Kiesha Stephens; Athena Lagace; Farrah Wilder; Jana Page; Lisa Weber; Cameron Bamberger; Robyn Bentley; Chaele Cooper; Payton Stiewe; Kevin Boer; Milko Encinas; Kevin McLeod; Eddie O’Sullivan; Daniel DerVartanian; Mark Choey; Frank Nolan; Scott Symon; Sean Proctor; Rob la Eace; Butch Haze; Rick Teed; Shelley Trew; Maximillian Armour; Joel Goodrich; Ron Whitney; Brendon & Kevin Kearney.

Happy Voting!