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Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco Surf Contest

Don’t be fooled by other agents trying to sell you an ocean view home on the Great Highway. That would be a monumental waste of money if your purchase is based on proximity to the contest. The Rip Curl Search San Francisco is supposed to happen at the north end of Ocean Beach often referred to as Kelly’s Cove/VFWs…somewhere around here.

So your best chance at buying a pad with a view to the contest rests in this building right here (855 La Playa), and there happens to be a few (very inexpensive) choices at the moment.

Bring binoculars, if da waves are big, dey gonna be far out in da wata.

What’s Happening In The Richmond District Of San Francisco

Every so often we come across blogs that are worthy of a plug, and the Richmond District Blog is one such blog. It is well written, a good source of information, fun, and easy on the eyes (not loaded with a bunch of crap and web design mistakes). Take a look, bookmark it, and be on your way to enlightenment on all things Richmond District!

Another Reason to Love Living Here: The Heights

Seacliff in San Francisco

Fridays are for less serious real estate topic-age, so here is a meaningless poll and a tribute to another characteristic that makes SF unique.

Riding my bike through the Presidio last Saturday, I decided to cruise Presidio Heights. And oh my, the elevation-  in status, I mean. It’s dizzying. The homes are palatial, complete with giant grand pianos, harps, chandeliers,  all of which one can glimpse through elaborate stained glass windows. This got me wondering: why did I pick “teacher” as a career path?

But I digress. From a real estate standpoint, which Heights are really the highest (as in, highest class)? Where would you most desire to spend your halcyon days?

For my money, the top four are Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights, Telegraph Hill, and Sea Cliff.

No offense to any other Heights or Hills. Let’s be honest: SF is chock full of breath taking views from almost every corner (and I’d be thrilled to own a house in any of them), but if we include proximity to open space (like the Presidio or the ocean), the size of the homes and their lots, yards (front, back, side) and those cool carriage houses in back that are bigger than most people’s primary residences, then really, these four take the cake.

But I’m a sucker for parks and beaches, and if I have to pick from there, it’s sand and surf forever. My vote then is Sea Cliff.

Here are four ridiculously lush listings, one in each of my hypothetical contender’s neighborhoods. Study them, perhaps shedding a tear for your own career choice. From your own city explorer insight, which height is really the tops? Are certain areas more steady as investments? Are these places really worth all this dough? And are there really still enough buyers for places like this? After all, the four below are just four of myriad listings on the MLS for well over 3 million dollars, when the the San Francisco Census put the median income in our fair city at less than $70k.

2901 Broadway (Pacific Heights) (7 Bedroom mansion for $45 million.)

37 Presidio Ave (Presidio Heights)  (7 Bedroom single family for or $5, 395,000)

632 El Camino Del Mar (Sea Cliff) (5 Bedroom single family for $9,000,000)

 1454 Kearny St. (Telegraph Hill) (3 Bedroom single family for $3,500,000)


Sea Cliff shot via Panoramio

Tuesday In The Avenues (442 41st Avenue Open 11-12:30)

It’s another fine Tuesday upon us. Yesterday’s stock market rally may put a glimmer of hope in everyone’s eyes, and what better way to celebrate than with a tour of a great house we just put on the market. It is officially a “broker tour” open house today, but we’re inviting all of our readers to come have a look at 442 41st Ave anytime between 11am and 12:30pm.


This is a great single family home in the Outer Richmond with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths (1 bed, 1 bath unwarranted), hardwood floors, fireplace, formal living room, formal dining room, landscaped back yard, new redwood deck, ocean views (from the roof), 2 car tandem parking, washer & dryer, and an excellent location close to Lincoln Park golf course, the Cliff House, Land’s End, Ocean Beach, the Balboa Theatre, Chino’s Taqueria, Sea Cliff, China Beach, Sutro Baths, Louie’s Restaurant, and so much more! The house is also on the east side of the street so you can hang out in your back yard and be warm even when the wind is blowing.

This is a great house and you really should come take a look. Open today from 11-12:30 and Sunday we’ll be there from 2-4pm. Please come take a look. Tell your friends, forward this post, and spread the good word. Mama needs a new dress, so let’s get this home sold.

If you want $1.2M, then why (the f-bomb) don’t you ask $1.2M!?

As you know, I was a bit out of the loop lately in regards to San Francisco real estate, and forced to get my updates from a few other sources out there, like the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Business Times, and sooooo many other “sources”. My God, I thought the world had ended and Michael Phelps had won the Democratic Presidential Nomination! (Oh no wait…he took the place of GOD!…according to the media.) So you could imagine my shock and awe when I called the agents listing 505-507 44th Ave (an Outer Richmond two unit building asking $930,000) and they told me (within the first sentence mind you), and I kid you not, “Don’t even bother asking us to make an appointment if your client can’t pay $1.2M.”

Wait? Come again. (That’s what she said.) It’s listed on MLS as $930,000, the offer date came and went and you’re telling me you want $1.2M?

It was actually a bit worse of a conversation than all that I’ve shared (I can get a bit annoyed), but I cooled it down a bit in the end and got the agent to commit to “trying” to make an appointment. Turns out they had four offers previously and the client decided they want $1.2M.

Shitty market we’re in when you have four offers on the same Outer Richmond two unit building, isn’t it?

-505-507 44th Ave [ listing detail page]

Battle Royale: Outer Richmond or Outer Sunset/Parkside…if you had to choose

Our last attempt at a healthy discussion as to whether you’d choose Pacific Heights or the Marina kind of took a turn for the worse when comments got a little heated and were taken a bit personally, but that isn’t stopping us from trying again. So…if you had to choose, Outer Richmond or Outer Sunset/Parkside, which would it be and why? We want to hear the good, the bad, and YOUR OPINION as to why you’d choose one over the other. Learning from our last attempt and other discussion on whether Bernal is better than Noe, we’re going to ask that you please keep comments civil, and don’t take anything personally.

We’ll kick things off with a little spin on the old debate and do what we do best…that is make it about real estate, stick to the stats, and give you some averages:

Outer Richmond (source: SFAR MLS)


Outer Sunset/Parkside (source: SFAR MLS)


Richmond (SFR Median: source Altos Research, same for Sunset, Parkside graphs.)



We leave the rest to you. The weather is equally as shitty in both neighborhoods in the summer, so we know you can’t argue about that. ;-)

Tell all your friends to come on over to theFrontSteps and hash it out in this thread.

Up next: Hayes Valley or Haight Ashbury

On deck: West Portal or St. Francis Wood

If you’re not familiar with your “districts” here is the best, most detailed map we could find online.

- Pacific Heights or Marina…if you had to choose [theFrontSteps]

-Stump the Stammtisch: Bernal on Fuego or Hielo [theFrontSteps]

$1.46MM on 46th Avenue: $65,000 over, $35,000 under, or $1000 over?

How this one slipped through the cracks we’ll never know, but we thought you’d like to see a nice before and after of 838 46th Ave., and get a little scoop. Then help us decide if it sold $65,000 over, $35,000 under, or $1000 over.







Originally listed in January for $1,395,000 this beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath total remodel rebuild in the Outer Richmond had a price increase to $1,495,000 ten days later. The price was lowered in March to $1,469,000, then 10 days later (still in March) lowered to $1,459,000. The listing eventually expired (technicality, really).  Re-listed a couple days after the “expiration” (we’re still in March) at the same price of $1,459,000.  It went into contract 10 days after re-listing, then fell out 10 days after that, then went back in 10 days later (puts us at April 24) , and recently sold in May for $1,460,000 (We’re assuming multiple offers to get that price over. If not, the buyer’s agent should be fired, and the seller’s agent commended.) You follow all that?

This is a significant sale for the Outer Richmond, both in terms of price, and type of property for that area. It is also a good indication of the market now versus then (Jan).

So…help us out here. Depending on how you look at this one, it either sold $65,000 above the original asking price ($1,395,000), or $35,000 below the second asking price ($1,495,000), or $1000 above the final asking price ($1,459,000). We leave that to you to decide. Either way, the market put the price right where it should be.

Lastly, in case you were wondering, the “before” price was $795,000 in February 2005.

Regardless of everything up and down on that sale, it is a sweet house!

-838 46th Ave. [mls]

-before and afters [theFrontSteps]

-Unique Property [theFrontSteps]

[disclaimer: it may not be exactly 10 days, but pretty damn close and within a day or two. Also, there were so many ups and downs our head was spinning, so correct us if we goofed. All information and photos pulled from MLS.]