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But It’s A Buyer’s Market

Any of you see this article on Yahoo! about US Cities Where Homes Sell The Fastest?

Gather ’round…I have a story for you.

Yesterday, on behalf of my clients, I presented a full asking price, ALL CASH (that’s $1,350,000 George Washingtons), two week to close, sellers may “rent-back” ’til November offer on 49 Alma Street in Cole Valley. This is a home that was listed late 2010 for $1,475,000 and withdrawn in January of 2011.

…and our offer was not enough! We were one of FIVE offers!

We expected multiple offers, but here is the kicker – four of the five offers were also all cash! Are you kidding me!? Hang on…it gets better. Our offer was almost the lowest in price. One other offer below us. The winning offer had zero contingencies. That’s all cash, significantly over asking, no contingencies, two weeks til the seller gets their coin…Is it 2003-2005 all over again? WTF!

I know the details of the other offers, but for the sake of the lucky and thrilled seller, and the lucky and thrilled buyer, some things in a transaction are better not to publish until it closes and cash and keys are transferred. Job well done by listing and selling agent combined, and the buyer for blowing our minds.

Okay, I have another anecdotal bit of story for you.

Seven Divisadero hit the market a couple of weeks ago. Barely two or three days on the market…Bam! In contract, all showings canceled.

You cancel showings when you have an extremely good offer that you’re not afraid is going to fall apart. My guess is another all cash offer over asking with one simple inspection contingency.

That leaves several all cash buyers with over $1,000,000 to burn still out there looking.

But it’s supposed to be a buyer’s market…right?

-US Cities Where Homes Sell The Fastest
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You Can Buy Her Sister Too…Oops, Too Late

A couple of weeks ago we were thrilled to see 457 Buena Vista Avenue East go into contract after a short spell on MLS (asking $2,329,000), and how could you blame the buyer…the place is awesome! However, we felt a little bad as we were told 457 “can be purchased with sister property 459 Buena Vista Avenue East“.

As pretty as she is, this poor sister was left hanging and we wondered if someone would come along and rescue her. Granted, she’s a bit more of an expensive date, asking $2,389,000. Well…she found Mr. (and maybe Mrs.) Right. She’s in contract as of today, and dammit if she isn’t just as pretty as her sister, but with more to offer up top (focus boys!):

Congrats to the agents and buyers. What a fantastic property in a great location. We’re very jealous.

-Hi Res, Picture Gallery of 459 [agent website]
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Ask Us: 24 Buena Vista Terrace, Damn That Asterisk

Where readers ask and we (the community) try to answer.


First…I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog…keep up the interesting stuff. I live by 24 Buena Vista Terrace and noticed that it sold recently. I remember walking through the house back in 2006 when it last sold after it was completely remodeled. I thought it might be an interesting “apple” in my neck of the woods. I think it recently sold for around $3.4M (though not totally sure)…not sure what it sold for back in 2006, though.

Got any good (or bad) info?



Although we’d like to spin this into a recent market success story, there is that damn little asterisk (*) that won’t let us in on the price scoop. We can really only confirm that which you have already said. Back in 2006 24 Buena Vista Terrace, in the Buena Vista Park district, did, in fact, sell for around $2,995,000 * (damn little asterisk ruining all our fun). It was indeed completely remodeled at that time and doesn’t appear to have had much work done this time around in 2008. It was recently originally listed for $3,595,000, price reduced to and sold around $3,395,000 * (damn that asterisk). It spent 95 days on the market, and we did not have the chance to go check it out this time around, so we’re hoping someone else has.

Thanks for the question/tip. Keep them coming, and thanks for hanging out on theFrontSteps. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help directly, but maybe some readers can.

[The asterisk is used in MLS and is placed next to a sales price to inform us that price and terms were not disclosed by seller and/or buyer.]

Tour de San Francisco (real estate) strikes again! Buena Vista Park

It took me waaaay to long to get back out and do another stage of the Tour de San Francisco (real estate), but I finally did. Last week was Buena Vista Park, so if you’re not already a reader of sfnewsletter, and you didn’t catch it, go ahead and follow this link to a picture (some words) tour of Buena Vista Park.

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Reader Reports: Eddy! steps it up again!

Nice Listing on Buena Vista

I’m not 100% sure if this is a TIC or a Condo — shame it’s not a [Single Family Home] at 4000 sq ft — but I really like this place. Clean, right across from the park and BIG. Not bad for $2.95M.

Eddy!’s favorite part, the agent remarks. [They are quite good (read: over the top), we must admit.]

147 Buena Vista embodies a level of sophistication & elegance that is encapsulated in its early 1900’s architecture & a more modern 2008 rebirth. The era has not been lost & continues to evoke a moment when San Francisco was coming of age & setting the stage to become the Paris of the Pacific. This classic Queen Anne has been melded with vogue design – a successful integration of design and historical elements define & underscore the grand scale that is so prevelant throughout.

-147 Buena Vista Ave [MLS]

-Nice Listing on Buena Vista [theFrontSteps.ORG, social network]