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Shining examples of more stellar “local” real estate reporting

This from a reader:

Here is another shining example of disservice to the SF real estate market courtesy of the SF Gate.

The SF Gate and KGO (ABC) reported ([yesterday and the day before yesterday], respectively) on the same story, but KGO was decent enough to report the foreclosure numbers IN CONTEXT, i.e. referencing that the 130 foreclosed-on properties were in the Bay View. The SF Gate cunningly lumps all of the foreclosures into “San Francisco” and adds in that the rate of foreclosure in the city is “up 200% from last year”, easily giving the impression that the real estate market is tanking city wide. I don’t think the Gate even mentioned the word “Bay View” once in the entire article. In a word? LAME.

Here are the links if you want to check it out yourself.

SF Gate

And we thank you for your report and taking the time to bring it to our attention.

Stump the Stammtisch: Home Depot, Ammiano, and Goodman Lumber?

Where readers ask, and we try to answer [We think we’ll have to go a bit deeper and call on some other local real estate blogs for this answer]:


“Whatever happened to the proposed Home Depot at the old Goodman’s site [Goodman Lumber on Bayshore Boulevard]? The site is an eyesore and in the meantime the Colma and Daly City Home Depots are packed with customers from SF. Did Tommi Ammiano finally get this project killed?”-Osama Ben Landlord [love the name]

We’re hoping the readers can come through on this. We have no idea. For those that might know even less than us, here’s the first shocker on the subject, and the second, and the “approval”.

“San Francisco hardly has a reputation for extending the welcome mat to big box or chain retailers.

City leaders banned large chain stores in North Beach and passed a measure that makes it difficult to open them along lower Divisadero Street. Last year [2004], the Board of Supervisors basically banned Wal-Mart from town by requiring large stores to obtain special permits to open shop and prohibited such stores in certain neighborhoods. “-SF Chronicle

So…booted by family, banned, approved, and not yet breaking ground.

Anyone know anything on this? Please enlighten us.

-Bayshore Boulevard

T is for Transformation (T-Third Metro line service begins)

Information provided by Ron Wong and Mike Tekulsky, Hill & Co. Real Estate.

t-third-trilingualtn1.jpg“The T-THIRD Metro line will connect all of the Third Street neighborhoods to the full Muni Metro system, providing a vital link between the southeast sector of San Francisco and the rest of the City.”-SFMTA

What kind of effect could this have on properties that have otherwise been labeled as “too far out there”, or “not centrally located”?  What about the areas like Bayview, Hunters Point that have already seen an increase in “atypical” buyers for those areas? 

On a totally different note, we’ve also been told that Dago Mary’s will be closing at the end of April. So ride the new line and say goodbye to an old San Francisco restaurant, and cross your fingers the T-Third gets you there on time.

-Trial by the T-Third [sfgate]
-SFMTA Website
-Dago Mary’s [Yelp]

Picture your favorite touchdown dance right here


“But Lennar’s enterprising relationship with San Francisco City Hall — in which it has come to control much of the city’s remaining undeveloped land — gives the company unparalleled sway over how San Francisco will evolve, arguably rivaling the clout of the city’s elected leadership and the voters themselves.”


“‘They [Lennar] have agreed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to create the infrastructure on these projects; the city couldn’t do that, nor can most other developers…'”

Git er done! 

-Lennar Corp. dominates redevelopment in S.F. [sfgate article]
-Developing Hunters Point [sfn BLOG]

[photo taken from sfgate article, photographer is Paul Chinn]