Give Back

I pledge to give a percentage of my commission on every sale back to a charity or non-profit.

How does it work? It’s simple. Step 1) Become my client. Step 2) Get in Contract. Step 3) Close your transaction, and I’ll get the check sent directly to the charity or non-profit of your choosing…in your name.

“Give Back To GRATTAN”
Hello fellow parents, friends, and family of Grattan children. Thank you for finding my site and thank you for clicking to learn more about how together we can “Give Back” to Grattan Elementary School in Cole Valley. Simply mention, “Give back to Grattan” when you or your friends contact me to buy/sell San Francisco/Bay Area real estate, and I will give a percentage of my commission on that purchase, sale, or referral back to Grattan. It’s that simple.

I am building partnerships with local organizations as we speak, so if you’d like me to contribute to yours, please do not hesitate to contact me, so we can set something up.

Donation amounts vary, but generally I give between 2-5% of my commission away with each successful sale. So spread the word!

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