San Francisco Real Estate Summer Doldrums Ending, Lake Merced Homes More Popular, Surfing Ocean Beach Still Off Limits To Most

Below is an excerpt from the San Francisco Market Focus Report published by the San Francisco Association of Realtors. Despite Seasonal Summer Slowdown, SF Housing Market Continues to Show Strength as Pending Sales Rise With many buyers, sellers, and agents away on vacation at this time of the year, the San Francisco housing market is […]

The doldrums

Not a whole lot of inventory has hit the market this week. A quick glance at the MLS today shows 43 new SFR (single family residence) listings. Of them, two are in the Sunset, three in the Excelsior, two in Crocker Amazon, two in Portola, and one in Bayview.  All of the other new SFR […]

Comparing A Fuji To A Macintosh (We Ain’t Talking Electronics)

Lots of chatter (as usual) on one particular local blog regarding the continued decline of real estate, and the world for that matter. (We get it, we really do. At least they’ve chosen to beat white elephants now along with their dead horses.) What we’d like to show you is something that is still happening, […]

Labor Day is over…now what?

Labor Day is behind us, which typically marks the beginning of Real Estate season. Many buyers are waiting for that special place to hit the market, and many sellers are getting their homes ready to place in the increasingly critical public eye, and hoping they sell prior to the looming Holiday Doldrums. More and more […]

Market Update from sfnewsletter

In case you missed it, or aren’t yet receiving it, sfnewsletter put out their weekly market update on Friday. Here it is: “Charts, Data, Trends Just when you thought we’ve run out of ways to describe to you what is happening in this market, we come up with a lesson on the Intertropical Convergence Zone […]

Reduce and Sell, Reduce and Sell (411 Banks in Bernal)

Even if the market has cooled, and properties are seeing price reductions, they are still selling. There is a technique to employ that usually leads to the same outcome: Reduce, and Sell, and we might add, don’t panic. Case in point, 411 Banks, a two bed, one bath, 1600 square foot single family home in […]