Ratio Of Asking Price To Selling (Overbid) Price For San Francisco

There’s a lot of talk, doubt, and disbelief out there that San Francisco is truly in another state of continual overbids, and properties selling for more than asking with multiple offers. It’s true. It’s true. Sadly (for buyers) it’s true.

As stated multiple times…it’s a good time to sell.

Attention San Francisco Skiers / Boarders! Teton Gravity Research “Dream Factory” Plays Tomorrow Night!

Fellow ski fanatics and adrenaline junkies that live in and around San Francisco, you will not want to miss this movie!

Back in the day it was always Warren Miller that did his thing to get us all amped up for the season, but there have been new players chomping at his heels for years and TGR certainly puts the pressure on Warren big time…I’d even go so far as to say surpasses (easily). The movies are high excitement, well edited, and a damn good time when you watch them on the big screen amongst fellow skiing / boarding fanatics.

So get yourself down to the Palace of Fine Arts tomorrow (10/30) evening and prepare to have your mind blown!

Tell your friends to join you to make it that much more fun, and get yourself a pair of Armada Skis (ask me which ones I prefer) to help you rip it up this season.

-Dream Factory Tour And Ticket Sales (Online), San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

theFrontSteps Is On Tumblr, So You Can Get Your Real Estate P*rn On…

What do you do when you are the editor of a popular San Francisco real estate blog and time gets in the way of consistent real estate blogging? You start a new blog. That’s right, I’m trying something new and venturing into the world of Tumblr in an effort to give you more (or less) of the real estate p*rn we all love.

On this new site, I do not plan on sharing stories of overbids, underbids, price wars, market data, market stats, analysis and commentary. I’m going to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) and simply share photos of real estate I find interesting, and encourage all of you to submit your own entries to share with the world of real estate p*rn addicts like ourselves.

Please add the site to your bookmarks, follow it on RSS, and tell all of your friends to do the same. It is a work in progress (I literally set it up 2 days ago), and with your help, it could very well grow to be something cool.

I will continue to do posts here, and very soon (any day) you can expect to see an entirely new and overhauled theFrontSteps.com that will hopefully become a one stop shop for all of your San Francisco real estate information.

Times have changed, information is out there, so we might as well change along with it. Right?


San Francisco Real Estate Most Recent Sales And New Listings

We all know where to go to find new listings, and we all love to check them out, but what all of you homeowners (and buyers) REALLY love is knowing what the home down the street sold for. Right? For that, I bring you the same thing I have for the past 10 years…sfnewsletter and Market Tracker.

The newsletter itself is loaded with good San Francisco market and new happenings information, and the data is top notch. This concept of giving you actual sold data via email was thought of by yours truly, and now every Tom, Dick, and Harry real estate agent across the land is doing the same thing. Just remember…it all started with me, and I will continue to give you the real estate information you need. Just ask.

Have a great weekend, and don’t hesitate to put yourself, your friends, and your family in touch with me for all of your San Francisco real estate selling and buying needs. My recent listings have flown off the shelf, and my strong buyer representation tactics are paying off for the multiple buyers I currently helped get in contract. Fingers crossed it all continues to go well for all of them.

Happy Aloha Friday! No work (for many of you) ’til Monday.

-San Francisco Sold Property
-San Francisco New Listings

San Francisco: Best City In The Nation To Trick Or Treat!

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to live here…

San Francisco is number one for many things, but this recent honor is by far the sweetest…

Top 10 Ranking of best cities in the United States to Trick or Treat:
1. San Francisco
2. Boston
3. Honolulu
4. Seattle
5. San Jose
6. Chicago
7. Los Angeles
8. Portland
9. Philadelphia

-Zillow Ranks Best places to Trick or Treat in the U.S. [Zillow Blog]