A Fixer Of Epic Proportions “Not On MLS”: 30-32 Prescott, Telegraph Hill

[Update: Property is now on MLS. Keep your eyes on PocketListings.net for your chance at many other off market opportunities, as this one was first posted there several weeks ago.]

This is one of those properties where every step you take inside the building you wonder if you’ll end up one floor below, like in a Looney Tunes Cartoon. To say the property is in utter disrepair (and recently vacated) is an understatement.
The exterior photos actually don’t do this property justice. The floors are rotted, the windows are molded and cracked, the roof is…well….it’s still there, the bathrooms are disgusting, and the potential is tremendous!
This is, after all, a “fully entitled development project with approved plans and permits in hand to build TWO, 2 story units with 2 car parking, yard, roof deck, with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay, Bay Bridge, Downtown San Francisco, and Telegraph Hill.” It’s opportunity knocking.
Full disclosure, there is a school right smack dab next door, and that could quite possibly be the only downside. However, the buyers of the finished product are likely not going to be people that are home Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm anyway, so it is almost a non-issue.
This is a chance for a developer to pick up an extraordinary project off market, develop it, and unload it. Or it is a chance for a person that wants a brand new property, to come in, take over, hire your crew, and build your Telegraph Hill dream residence.
Make no mistake, this is a “fixer” of epic proportions, but a lot of the “work” has been done for you. The hardest part of most battles to build in San Francisco is usually getting permission from the city, and that’s all been done for you. You can show up, make an offer with hammer in hand and get to work. Okay, maybe you’ll need more than a hammer and nails…like maybe a wrecking ball?

I’ll be out at the property today showing some clients, and I’ll attempt to get a couple interior pictures, but no promises. The inside is a total and complete wreck and that is what makes it so damn attractive.

Don’t go looking for this on MLS, because it ain’t there. It’s currently “off market” or “not on MLS”, but definitely very much for sale.

However, before you get to enjoy what we see in those renderings above, you gotta get through what exists in the photos below. And since so many homes are judged by the quality of their kitchens and baths…ask and thou shalt receive:

P.S. Keep in mind it was apparently recently inhabited.

Prescott Fixer Details, San Francisco, $850,000 [PocketListings.net]
“It’s Not Listed. But It’s Definitely For Sale.” [New York Times]
Not on MLS Real Estate Network [PocketListings.net]


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  1. it was recently inhabited by … what???

  2. Nearly the same thing at 3925/3927 20th Street. $1.7 to buy an unlived-in (for 15 years) house which has approved plans for it becoming a 1 unit home.


    I’m a neighbor…crazy crazy crazy.

  3. Those guys are way off on that 20th street one. It doesn’t make sense for a developer, but it doesn’t make sense for an end user either. That’s a million dollar job.

  4. They need to get rid of that fire extinguisher. You know, just in case. Wouldn’t want to prevent it from burning down.

  5. Bubble.

    Banks holding inventory off market to limit supply. Wait 5 years.

  6. WOW!!! I’m speechless

  7. I say just tear it down and build a whole new house.

  8. Im with LEB.. i say tear it down and start over to.. its the only realistic way that home will look good and be safe

  9. Don’t kid yourself, even with no building, dilapidated or otherwise, a lot on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco is solid gold. In fact, it might even sell for more than the current asking price if the building were demolished and hauled away.

    Fine with me. I’ve lived in San Francisco. It’s damp, dirty, crowded, and it is thronged with truly obnoxious people of every stripe. Living there is hell unless you are a millionaire — and even then, you can’t entirely escape having to walk the littered and whacko-infested streets now and then.

  10. OH NO NO NO! Another beautiful piece of SF history gone to rot. I hope the new owners will keep the original style of this house in this beautiful city where millions of people from all over the world to visit every year. And please take care of our parrots too!

  11. I agree with Bob. I’ve lived in SF for 64 yrs & it gets worse every year. The only reason I’m still here is the weather. This use to be a real nice,clean place to live.Just to walk to the bus stop, you have to walk through panhandel row, & someone trying to sell you drugs or hot goods. If this is the way the rest of the US citys are going… we’re DOOMED!!

  12. they should tear it down. build some batting cages for the kids next door. A sports complex or sorts.

  13. I’ve livedin SF for 41 years, am not a millionaire, don’t own real estate, and love it here. I love the weather, I love the parks, I love the beaches, I love all kinds of things about it – it’s much nicer here now than it was 20, 30, 40 years ago. Those who are not happy here should move elsewhere & make more room for more people who have something positive to contribute.

    As for the dump that’s for sale, the lot alone is worth millions. It’s a supply & demand situation as all things are – there are always more people who want to live here than there is housing to accommodate them all. So why stay if you hate it, is all I have to say to the grumpy ones – SF doesn’t need you.

  14. SS in Berkeley June 14, 2011 — 3:12 pm

    The “new” design already looks hopelessly passé. Where’s the thrill in living on Telegraph Hill if it’s in a sterile, concrete and glass box?

  15. why wasen’t this torn down by the city . a danger to everybody that lives around there

  16. why wasen’t this torn down by the city . a danger to everybody that lives around there Fire hazard

  17. HOORAY to the designer! Good riddance to those ugly, unsightly Victorian lines, all that stinking GINGERBREAD and wainscotting and *shudder* picture rails… and those horrible abominations of design, the clawfoot tub. Oh!

    Yes, the new design is perfect, sleek and planar, flawless surfaces and glass. Nothing says “welcome home” like a solid rectangle of marble or obsidian, preferably 1x4x9. You’re always on the right track when your house belongs in the movie TRON. And I see they got rid of the bathroom entirely. Good call. Now if we could only get rid of the humans…

  18. The new building looks like a box – no style. Was it the cheapest route to take for someone who wants to flip it?

  19. You people who live in this city and hate it have obviously never traveled out of your living room. Get your fat lazy butt off your armchair and go see the world. Sure, you’ll be disappointed to find out that the rest of the world is dirty, smelly, full of con artists and insanity but hey, you’ll never complain about this city again. You’ll kiss your compost barrel when you get back, mark my words. And if you have no inclination to do so, well by all means move to a small town in Nebraska where you clearly belong. Good riddance.

  20. That looks like a classic level from the Resident Evil videogames :D It’s easy to imagine some creature slithering down the roof of the mad botanists bathroom, etc… Even the fire extinguisher adds to the RE ‘feel’. They should just leave it as is and turn it into an unofficial theme park :D

  21. Is the “new and improved” an office or a home? It looks so cold and sterile. My kids drew happier, warmer looking homes when they were 3.

  22. Funny. The house actually looks pretty good would’ve been nice if this was probably fixed BEFORE! I wonder how lng they left it like this until they decided to go ‘Hey! That house looks like crap! Let’s go change everything by giving it this large gray box. Oh even better lets have large windows where if you lived in the right spot you can see everything they own!’ Also funny how they don’t show an aftershot of the bathroom almost like they’ll leave it that way. Be like surprise we fixed the place but not the bathroom, you can remodel that yourself.

  23. that house is mine June 15, 2011 — 2:24 am

    i’m gonna flip that house, pancake style… see me beezles

  24. This comment came to me via email, so I’m putting it in here.

    “Mr. Clark — Had you done your research about the house on Prescott and the school right next to it, you would have come to the conclusion that the elementary school, because of its various academic accomplishments, will bring added value to this house. If not for this elementary school, this house would be worth even less than what it is supposedly worth. If anything, having the former psychotic owner of this house store approximately 3 life-time’s worth of various wood products inside this house made this entire neighborhood (including the school) a fire and safety hazard.”

  25. selena jimenez June 15, 2011 — 8:26 am


  26. JerryLewis&Lambchops June 15, 2011 — 8:50 am

    What sort of people live in a house like that?

  27. Whoever took a bath last forgot to clean the tub shame on you homeless guy

  28. Wait until it falls and then buy. The city won’t be able to say you can’t tear it down.

  29. The former owners moved back to Detroit…

  30. Burn it down! Wreck it! Flood it! That “eyesore” MUST go!!!
    SF is so so if you’re poor and WOWESOME if you’re wealthy.
    The views of the bay are breathtaking. Everything “cost” something-even the zoo, Aqua Museum, Trolleys, etc.
    I like Hilton Head Island (South Carolina) & Marthas Vineyard(MA),Puget Sound (WA), Pikes Peak-Garden of the Gods (Colorado Sprins, CO).
    I would have to say my favorite place for wonderful views is the Swedish Alps, Germany…Norway. And of course, uninhabited Little Hawaiia (a hush, hush secret) & the beautiful Greek Islands!! Watch out San Francisco Bay…I think I’m inclined to LEAVE MY HEART in some of these other “unspoiled” places! :-D

  31. The 20th St. project is ridiculously overpriced.
    The Telegraph Hill one just makes me sad. It’s crazy that someone was “living” there.
    You know, not all of SF is ridiculously out of a normal Joe’s price point. You can buy in neighborhoods like The Bayview and Visitation Valley and no, you won’t get mugged or shot at every day…or any day.
    We bought a year ago, 2brm 1ba, single family, fully detached with yard, close to 3rd Street Muni and not crazy far down 3rd Street for $320k. It’s current value is up over $370k. It’s one of the only neighborhoods seeing any real increase in property value. AND…it’s IN the City. Not over a bridge or through the woods to get home every day.
    And the weather?? You guys love SF weather? Man, The Bayview’s weather is even better. No fog. More sun. And my garden LOVES it here.

  32. i was born and raised in san franciscothe first 40 years of my life,seen all of western europe,and now moved to a small town in north carolina,boy i miss the city,and its weather,and homeless,and their is always something to do other then movies and fast food,love this house and every piece of property is worth gold including the tenderloin,you can buy a house here for 20k nothing here cost more then 500k

  33. san francisco is a world class city,and you learn to appreciate it ,especially if you have lived in small town america,telegraph hill looks so good to me,and that derilic house,the new look looks perfect for the city

  34. Not your typical fixer-upper. Much more like a tear-her-downer.

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