Reason To Live Here (In SF) # 16: You Are Not “B & T”, And You Rarely Have To Deal With This

[Photo Source: Noah Berger]

We received this email last night from the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, and we’re sure you all heard about the Emergent Closure of the Bay Bridge yesterday due to a “cantilever section made over Labor Day weekend[,which] snapped and crashed onto the upper deck of the span late [yesterday] afternoon, striking three vehicles and forcing the indefinite closure of the region’s busiest bridge”, but in case you hadn’t, now you know.

If you live and work in the city, emails and events like this should have little impact on your daily life (like us), but if you’re B & T, you’re bumming…

Golden Gate Transit Bus, Golden Gate Ferry and Gate Golden Bridge Customers:

In light of the closure of the Bay Bridge [last night] Tuesday, October 27, and the unknown timing of its re-opening, we want to caution all our passengers to expect delays on our systems during the closure. At the Golden Gate Bridge, we will have all lanes in the Toll Plaza opened by 4 am in anticipation of heavy southbound traffic and the roadway will be configured with 4 lanes southbound into San Francisco for the morning commute. Golden Gate Ferry will be prepared to add a high-capacity Spaulding vessel to operate after 7 am from Larkspur to San Francisco, depending on the passenger demand. Golden Gate Transit buses will operate as close to schedule as they possibly can, given the traffic.

Oh…we often forget we have a lot of out of town readers that might not know what exactly “B & T” means. Maybe one of our readers can clarify, because we don’t dare go there. ;-)

Yet another one of the many “reasons we live here” in the city.

“Caliber” Sets The Bar For (San Francisco) Photography

With several local photographers coming together on one site, Caliber ( is hands down the best photo blog we’ve ever seen in San Francisco, quite possibly on all of the internets, and it’s worth bookmarking and checking everyday.

[We couldn’t pick just one “favorite” photo to show you as example, so we grabbed three.]
Yes, You're Loud
[“Exploding Psychology”]

[“Shoe shine on Market Street”]

[“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”]

You’ve likely already seen Caliber mentioned on any of the multiple San Francisco blogs around town, but we wanted to give them a chance to prove what they got before doing our little plug. Well, they’ve exceeded expectations and it’s quite simply an awesome site with really, really amazing photos and we’re more than happy to send them a little love, and send you their way.

Go ahead, you’re not that busy. Check them out.

-Caliber Photo Blog

Close Encounters Of The Blogger/Realtor Kind

Yesterday, I had a client meeting, but didn’t actually get to meet the client (long story), but the boyfriend was there to fill in, and I got this email today (edited for flow) that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy:

Hey Alex,

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Sorry I couldn’t make it. Thought I’d share the conversation I had with my boyfriend when I got home:

Boyfriend said “Have you met him?”
Me: “No, not in person.”
BF: “He seems pretty cool for a Realtor.”
Me: “He’s pretty cool for a human.”

Thanks for that! We’ll get together soon!

Oh but wait! According to this D-Bag, my numbers aren’t where they should be, so I’ll have to come back today and get you to sign on the dotted line. Okay?

All You Surfers! Tom Curren Is In San Francisco


Go check it out. Looks like the surf is going to be absolutely horrendous, which means you’ll have more time to hang out, check out the Rip Curl wetsuits, and get autographs from the man (Tom Curren) himself!

Today, 8am- 12pm on Ocean Beach in front of the Wise Surf Shop.

Pssst…Can You Step A Little To Your Right?

You gotta have faith, and a good photographer to get just the right light and angle when capturing the essence of a property to help it sell. Good marketing remarks help too: “View of neighbor”:


Let’s hope he’s not the neighbor, cuz that’s getting a bit too close.

-140 Faith, $760,500