The Fun Continues: “It Need Renovated”


REO. Price Reduce from $399,900 Contractor special. It need renovated. Nice and Quite, one bedroom one bath on the ground floor,installed security system [as opposed to….?]. SOLD AS IS condition. Pre-qaulify loan letter from Wells Fargo Bank. HOA including the earthquake insurance.

Sometimes it’s just fun to poke fun isn’t it?

There is a story here though. Last sale January 2006 for $410,000, in contract today around $299,900.

1348 Scott #B [MLS]


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  1. is “the earthquake” insurance like “the google”, “the twitter”? hahaha! :)

  2. is the kitchen RED or WHITE?

    gosh .. how hard is it to take reasonably ok pictures?
    a numerical WIDE ANGLE camera runs in the few hundred $ … stop using your cell phone camera to make listing photos!

    some people should netflix American Beauty:
    Buy a broom, buy a camera… and repeat after Carolyn: I will sell this house today, I will sell this house today.

  3. Dear real estate agents and companies everywhere: hire an editor. I work for pretty cheap.

  4. It’s “Nice and Quite,” (don’t forget the comma).

    But it’s priced so low who cares if it’s written in chinglish.

  5. Thanks for a hearty laugh FrontSteps… always a good time going on here!

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