SF BLŪ Introductory Price Reduction

From the marketing team behind BLŪ, San Francisco:

Please note that we are nearly ready to deliver homes at BLŪ on 631 Folsom Street. First though, we need to fulfill a lender commitment to pre-sell 25% of the building. Once we hit that number, we can commence closings. In an effort to reach this 25% sold level quickly, we are lowering prices dramatically until the pre-sale goal is reached.

We have 1000+ [square foot] two-bed/two-bath homes with parking in this 21 story high rise which we are offering starting in the upper $500’s.

The deals will last until our lenders allow closings to begin and then the discounting will end.

Assuming the pricing of our most recent post on BLŪ, that would mean they’re selling homes that were previously “starting from the $600s” now “in the upper $500s”. sfnewdevelopments (found via Curbed SF) is talking 10-20% reductions (previous price in parentheses):

Residence A – starting from $743,000 ($925k)
Residence B – starting from $631,000 ($809k)
Residence C – starting from $622,000 ($799k)
Residence D – starting from $743,000 ($930k)
Residence E – Starting from $575,000 ($739k)
Residence F – starting from $673,000 ($809k)

As you can see, pricing varies depending on the source. Our starting prices for the “E” and “F” plans are significantly different than those sfnewdevelopments is quoting, but we’re not holding it against them. We’re just saying…don’t offer what they’re asking at the sales office, and don’t believe everything you read. Remember, in real estate EVERYTHING is negotiable and it NEVER hurts to ask.

You know what to do for details…drop us a line.


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  1. I really like the look of that kitchen and living room. Do you think they’d let me live there for free if I promised to write something nice about my home every day?

  2. Im glad you are writing more about new developments. Looks like a lot of todays buyers are focusing on condo’s. Is it true that Infinity closed 10% of the total sold in San Francisco sales in JAN?

  3. anon,

    I’ve been keeping my eye on new developments for quite some time: check the archives.

    No idea about that 10% you refer to, but it sounds like a bogus claim to me. Where did you hear that?

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