In The Heart Of Noe, Marina Style (3917 26th St.)


Asking $1,398,000, this 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car parking Marina style home at 3917 26th St “in the heart of Noe” is certainly one for the masses, so it will be interesting to see how quickly it sells.


We’re fans. The difference this time around (no it wasn’t previously listed as far as we can tell)…offers as they come. Gone are the days of setting an offer date.

[Update: Price reduced to $1,349,000]

[Last sold in 2004 for $986,000.]

3917 26th St [MLS]


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  1. “for the masses”? really? do the masses have $1.4m these days? man, i decided to join the wrong mass…

  2. thanks for the 2004 link. it was a 3/1 last time around. any idea on the sq ft?

  3. Man, I wish someone other than Realtors would define the Heart of Noe.

    I like this place at 4317 24th Street for 900k (or less :-)

    A little closer to the heart but needs some surgery.

  4. I don’t usually think Marina styles are for everybody unless they’re built up or down.

    Realtors are precisely undefining the “heart of Noe,” but 26th between Church and Sanchez is not unfair. I’d define the heart of Noe as, “Within a five minute walk of 24th and Noe.”

    Do you like that one, Eddy? I viewed it with a client. The location is strong, but everything good about its south facing lot is more than lost by how short it is and how it backs up onto another property or two. I like it for 750K or even less.

  5. I think this house looks nice. Wouldn’t this have flown off the market a year or two ago? Is there something I am missing in this one? I do dislike the yard though (which can be fixed). Clearly this is a home for a family and all those ugly stones and a bush in the middle? The deck is nice though. What is the market for places like this these days? There was a condo on Shrader St (1338 I think) that was 3 br, 1.5 bath and of course shared backyard and tandem parking. It sold for $1,030,000 in short order. Maybe more people can afford $1M and under?

  6. It’s only been on the market a couple of hours.

  7. Fluj, hadn’t realized it was a small lot. Not really interested but I like the location better.

  8. Wow! down 50k after being listed for just a week?

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