When iPhones See Red

Could somebody put a stop to this?

What happens if you scroll down the screen you ask? More red…

Side note: Notice the lousy AT&T E coverage bars (3G is horrendous in the city)?


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  1. Thank you Alex. I just sold my Yahoo stock upon seeing this post…

  2. Double those losses! Wheeee! Imagine if you were a 40 year old renter, saving and investing the difference in the stock market -45% YTD! Meanwhile, rents already went up another 5% in SF. I feel bad for Adam [removed]. Heard several of his advertisers are pulling their ads on his site b/c all he does is make fun of them behind their backs. What a too face guy. No wonder why he’s still single at 41! :)

  3. dont worry… real estate, errr I mean the stock market, always does well in the long term

  4. what goes down should someday go back up, right?
    Eventually there is a price that makes sense???

  5. Whatever you do — don’t hit “Refresh”. You aint gonna like what you see.

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