“That dog should be taco”

You’re probably wondering what the hell that quote has to do with San Francisco real estate. In this case, a lot. I’ll try to be as simple as possible.

If you own a unit in a condominium and happen to pass by when potential buyers are milling around enjoying the garden setting in the common area, and marveling at how quiet it is, do not come by and say, “Just wait for the parties from that blond girl (nodding head toward unit directly next door). And that dog (blond girl’s pet), oh!………..that dog should be taco.”

As much as you might hate one of your neighbors, it serves no purpose to vent your frustrations to complete strangers (buyers) that might become your neighbors. Their tolerance for noise is likely different than yours, and you never know, they might even love to party with blond girls (they do have more fun after all).

If anything, it is the worst thing you could do, because if the sale doesn’t go through based on what you just said, not only will I come break your knees with my cousin Vincenzo (a.k.a. Vinni), all of your neighbors might do the same, for you just might have caused a longer listing period and subsequent price reductions, which could, in theory, lower the price of your own personal unit when it comes time for you to sell…[insert choice explicative here]!

Comment du Jour: “…my demolition contractor ripped out the one tree I was supposed to save”

For the new readers, the comment du jour is our way of saying thanks to those that participate in commenting, and a way to show all of you that don’t comment just what kind of good stuff you’re missing. Today’s comment du jour comes from Sparky in “Should I even Start a Blog” after we suggested he, the Fluj, and Alex sit down and have a little chat about the future of blogging real estate in SF:

I am not savvy about the blogosphere, but funny, interesting or horrible things happen to me at work every day. So I can write about that.

Since I wrote the above, my demolition contractor ripped out the one tree I was supposed to save at a house, and now me and the home owner have to pull it out of the dumpster and have a ceremony and tell it “we are sorry it was a mistake”. Dead Serious.

We can’t wait to get you up and running!

Stats & Numbers: Condos May ’07 versus May ’08

District Map

District 1 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 17 15
Median Selling Price 905,000 850,000
Average DOM 30 62
District 2 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 1 3
Median Selling Price 790,000 937,000
Average DOM 2 33
District 3 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 4 3
Median Selling Price 440,000 380,000
Average DOM 50 86
District 4 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 7 5
Median Selling Price 585,000 606,000
Average DOM 37 40
District 5 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 42 32
Median Selling Price 911,000 938,500
Average DOM 29 52

District 6 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 15 8
Median Selling Price 842,000 831,500
Average DOM 26 35
District 7 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 31 32
Median Selling Price 1,295,000 1,075,000
Average DOM 36 50
District 8 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 51 45
Median Selling Price 699,000 775,000
Average DOM 36 47
District 9 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 59 42
Median Selling Price 750,000 795,000
Average DOM 46 77
District 10 May-07 May-08
Number of Sales 8 4
Median Selling Price 509,500 349,475
Average DOM 64 34

Source: San Francisco Schtuff

Como Se Dice… Gonzo? 1080 Chestnut #14A, one day on and gone!

One day on, one day off…1080 Chestnut #14A, a 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 2600 square foot co-op sells in contract in a heart beat, somewhere around $4,500,000 (something says off-market deal, which is totally okay by us.)

1080 Chestnut #14A

1080 Chestnut #14A living room views

Sale is pending board approval.

-1080 Chestnut #14A [MLS]

Ask Us: What’s the going rate for a garage in San Francisco

Where readers ask and we (the community) try to answer:

stacked parking

I am considering buying a condo in the Noe Valley/Mission Dolores (around 21st and Church) area and I am trying to understand what the going rate for a garage is in this area. I have the option to purchase a space with the condo. I’ve heard between $75-100k. Is this accurate?

Thanks, C

C, It depends largely on what type of space you get. Something like the above stacked parking might drop the cost a little, but as we know these brilliant uses of space are few and far between in San Francisco (we’re ahead of the curve, but still a couple hundred years behind Europe), we’ll assume it’s a space with either tandem or individual parking. Our estimate is that it would be closer to the $75k range rather than the $100k, but wonder if some readers might be able to shed some light on the matter as well.


[Editor’s note and update: The cost for a garage is entirely different than the cost to purchase a single parking space. Our estimate is assuming you’re talking about one space, not an entire garage.]