Mid-Century Movement (56 Clarendon)

Originally listed September 19, 2007 for $2,495,000, reduced to $2,300,000 two months later, and now sold for $2,250,000, 56 Clarendon, in Clarendon Heights, is a done deal.




Is this a significant “anecdote” of market information/fluctuation. We’ll let you decide that, we just wanted to highlight another gem of the mid-century.

56 Clarendon [mls]

more mid-century posts [theFrontSteps]


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  1. This is really a cool house but as the pictures attest, it’s quite dated. It’s probably a ~$3.25+ or so house with a full remodel. I believe the smaller property next door went for $3.5M last May. That one was smaller, and to me, infinitely less stylish: http://medialaxf.rapmls.com/sfarmls/listingpics/bigphoto/084/322584_15.jpg?tsp=20070412104418

  2. My bet is that the initial price was too high, the reduction just right, and the sales price of 97.8% falls in line with our sales-to-asking ratio here in San Francisco.

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