What a difference 10 years can make

Pacific Heights:

Average cost of a single family house: 1997: $1,706,000     2007: $5,022,000

Potrero Hill:

Average cost of a multi unit building:  1997: $412,000        2007: $1,385,000

Schtuff like that.


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  1. ResortAtSquawCreek January 8, 2008 — 7:47 pm

    Got to love inflation, appreciation, and fixed payments. You wake up 2-3 years later and you laugh and lament how cheap things were :)

    How about The Marina and Cow Hollow for SFHs?

    There’s 3-4 feet of new snow here tonight in Tahoe guys! Been here all week. It is AWESOME!

  2. x 2.95 in pacheights; x 3.36 in potrero hills.

    in the mean time,

    inflation (use of CPI) $1000 in 97 is now $1309 (x 0.31)

    gas went from $1.23/gal to $2.59 (2006) let’s say 2.80 in 2007 (x 2.27)

    etc etc.

    now the REAL question to ask today to our re-newly sworn Gavin: what do you do with an average of 3 times more property taxes than in 1997? is the city 3 times better, are the schools 3 times as good? are the street 3 times as clean? (ok, maybe not 3 if we adjust the wages increase and general cost increase – but still).

    I’m not attacking him, I think he does ok – but the question is still open. When people trade up properties and pay on the new home 3 times as much taxes.. shouldnt they expect MORE from the city than before?

    I do. And I’m happy to get some great value back by enroling my kids in a great public school of the district.

  3. We need to improve the cities schools. That’s the best use of funds. Spend money on the adults of the future.

  4. Imagine if SF had a reputation for great schools. Prices would skyrocket even further.

  5. someone here should ENROLL in a spelling and grammar class. LOL

  6. Almost everyone who communicates on the Internet should enroll in a grammar course! You yourself just started a sentence with a lowercase, used an interior all caps, and finished with an Internet euphemism as an unpunctuated sentence fragment while criticizing another poster. Also, the poster I think you meant to criticize is not a native English speaker.

  7. until we go all charter, the public schools are pretty much a lost cause in this town. that or let sylvan run them all for us. i have given up on them. they seem well beyond saving.

  8. You’re a dork, Kenny.

  9. I used to be an editor in another life. So yeah, guilty as charged.

  10. what’s really hysterical is how seriously Mr Kenny big time realtor takes my silly comment. Such a proper posting.

    I don’t think he has enuf to do these days, what with the big real estate turndown.

  11. I think “anon” has finally assumed a name or two.

  12. still some stuff out there that is cheap compared to nyc,london,tokyo or shanghai. and if i were sitting on lots of devaluing dollars i don’t think buying a water view condo in sf would be such a bad use of my money..

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