Le Tour! Le Tour! Le Tour! Westwood Park

Them folks over at sfnewsletter are at it again with a nice addition to their Tour de San Francisco (real estate), with their look at Westwood Park.


If you’ve ever wanted to get a grasp of all the tiny little pockets of San Francisco, that is the place to do it. They’re a long way from complete, so best you get involved now.


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  1. Alex, thanks for this truly fantastic effort. There are so many neighborhoods here that people know nothing about.

    For example, a colleague of mine who has lived in the Marina for the past 7 years, had no idea that a neighborhood called Forest Hill (where we live) existed !!

    [Editor’s note: That doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for the thanks. It is a big effort indeed, but we’ll make it to the end. It helps if you spread the word about this site, the tdsf site, and sfnewsletter. Otherwise, it’s Mexico…or bust!]

  2. If I were to go down to the Marina with a clipboard and ask 100 people where just about any neighborhood in areas 3 or 4 are located I bet the success rate would be sub-30 %.

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