Friday Pool Party! (610 El Camino del Mar)

It’s Friday. We’re sparing you from the video, and instead bringing more real estate porn in the form of 610 El Camino del Mar for $6.2M, and that includes the pool.


Not so sure about that pirate ship that appears to be floating over the water, but for $6.2M, we guess you get to make your own rules. Or maybe those pirates stole the high resolution photos. Hmmm.

610 El Camino del Mar [sfnewsletter listing detail]


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  1. That pirate ship is hysterical. Thanks for posting. Looks like an awesome property.

  2. Is that pirate ship for real? Seriously. I can’t even believe that picture is included in a $6M listing. Unbelievable. Truly.

  3. Great site and great post. Any prediction on the Fed drop later today? Terry

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